If you want to keep your kitchen tidy and clean, we leave you with five tips that will help you achieve it. The organization and good use of your spaces are the keys.

No decoration is worth it if the kitchen is not tidy and clean. You can have the most beautiful and modern, but the lack of order and cleanliness can throw your efforts to have the perfect kitchen overboard. Many times, we spend time fixing this space but are faced with the need to use it continuously, and in the blink of an eye, everything is turned upside down.

This is the reason why we bring you 5 simple tips that will help you keep your kitchen tidy and clean for longer. Don’t you think it’s possible? Read on and check it out.

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Tidy and clean kitchen: 5 infallible tips

In the kitchen, we have pots, pans, spices, spoons, ladles and the list goes on. All of this is essential when cooking, but having it in the wrong place or, without a specific place for everything, is the first step to having a messy and dirty kitchen. If this is your case, follow these five tips.

1. Eliminate what you don’t use

There are so many dishes that we can prepare and multiple utensils that we need in each case that it is easy to start accumulating. Still, you don’t know when you might need something you have in store. However, why have lobster tongs if you never cook or eat lobster at home?

So, to have that tidy and clean kitchen like a magazine cover, you must put your heart aside and start throwing away everything that takes up space, and you will never use it. Take out all your utensils and divide them between what you will keep and what you will not. You will realize that there are many things that the only thing they do is take up space.

You should also apply this step to the food you have stored. Take them out, check the expiration date, and throw away what is expired.

2. The organization is the key

Now, what is left must be saved, but not as it was, you must think strategically. Choose a place for each thing or utensil, and for each food, and prioritize the ones you use most frequently. So you won’t have to mess everything up to get to them when you need them. Keep these tricks in mind to order:

  • Use shelves and shelves to place the utensils and foods that you use the most.
  • Put a knife and spoon organizer in the drawers.
  • Pack foods in marked glass jars or cans for quick identification.
  • Order the dressings in a spice rack that you always have on hand.
  • If you have many things that you cannot throw away, get yourself a multipurpose cart or mobile island.
  • Take advantage of the basket-type drawers to order the wells and plates as best as possible.
  • Install a steel bar on the wall to hang your hanging utensils like ladles and pans.

3. Impeccable cooking zone and dishes

The cooking zone should always be clean, otherwise, the kitchen will look dirty and disorganized. When preparing food in it, it is normal for it to get dirty. But some tricks can prevent fat from sticking and make it easier to clean after use.

  • If your kitchen is gas, keep it clean and disinfected with a mixture of vinegar, three tablespoons of baking soda, and a liter of water.
  • If you have a ceramic hob, it will be enough to clean it with a special cleaning and grease destruction product. To remove very stuck food remains, use a wooden or plastic shovel. This way you will avoid scratching the plate.

Cleaning also applies to dishes. The idea is that everything that gets dirty is washed as soon as possible, nothing to leave piles of dishes one day after another. It helps a lot to wash the pots and utensils that are used while cooking. In this way, when you finish eating, you will only need to wash the dishes.

4. Keep countertops clear

Countertops are the perfect place to put things: a bowl, a few plates, a few spices, and out of nowhere, it’s all there. Although that is its function, if what we are looking for is to have a tidy and clean kitchen, we should not let ourselves be tempted, for this we have our shelves and drawers.

You must bear in mind that, we prepare food on the countertops, therefore, the cleaner they are, the safer the preparation of everything. During the cleaning process, avoid the use of scented soaps, as well as the use of toxic products. You can use the same soap, which you wash the dishes and disinfect with vinegar.

5. Avoid XXL pots

XXL-type pots such as those for paella or custard are not welcome unless you have a large kitchen with extra drawers. Due to their size, it is better to store them in another place where they are also organized, without taking up space that could be used to clear your kitchen a little more.

The same applies to other types of large elements. In the case of the sandwich maker, the blender, and the mixer,  allocate a large drawer where you can have them at hand. But not set them on the counter or insight, because they do not visually generate a sense of order and cleanliness.

 Kitchen Degreaser Cleaner

If you want to have a tidy and clean kitchen, you should not do this.

In addition to these five tips, if you want to have a neat and clean kitchen, there are some things you should not do for the world:

  • Leave the cleaning implements such as soap, scouring pad, and ballet insight, they must also have a special space.
  • Not collecting food scraps in the drain and not cleaning the kitchen with a full conscience.
  • Leave cleaning rags lying around or on the counter. They require special spaces such as drawers or hanging bars.
  • Store purchases anywhere, it is important that everything is in the place you have intended.

Enjoy a neat and clean kitchen!

Don’t have any doubts, apply these tips, and your kitchen will be tidy and clean in no time.

When you want, consider it. You can make the necessary changes until everything is in a place that allows you to access it easily because this is also part of success: that you feel comfortable with your space.