We put forward the simple and easy soymilk maker purchasing skills and the critical questions for choosing soymilk makers. We are focusing on the basic situation of the top 10 soymilk maker purchasing skills. The weatherman, through the survey data, chose a soymilk maker with six tips for purchasing is explained in detail. People spend a lot of time collecting and sorting out the seven tips for purchasing a soymilk maker. This content is for everyone to learn and understand about purchasing.

How to choose a soymilk maker?

1. Look at the brand first, when purchasing a soymilk maker. Generally speaking, the professional brand soymilk makers have been tested in the market for many years. Their performance is relatively perfect and superior. Professional brand soymilk makers have certain requirements for technical content. Whether it is from the quality of material selection, motors, knives, filters, and computer control systems, they have undergone strict testing. Not only the product is safe to use but also ensures the quality of soymilk. 

2. Basically, it depends on the quality of the soymilk maker. To put it bluntly, it depends on whether the materials used are good or not. The materials and accessories used in a good soymilk maker are generally better, and some of the accessories import from outside.

3. Look at the performance: now the performance of the soymilk maker is getting more and more perfect, “slow cooking technology”, “strong aroma technology”, and “intelligent non-stick technology” are more and more humanized, and the soymilk made is more and more mellow

4. See whether the performance of the motor and the design of the blade are reasonable, which determines the degree of bean crushing and the level of pulp output. The motor is the core component of the soymilk maker, and its performance is very important. A good blade must have a specific helical inclination angle so that after rotating the blade, the beans are crushed in a three-dimensional place. Which will not only crush the beans thoroughly but also generate huge centrifugal force to shake the pulp and fully release the nutrients in the beans.

Soymilk makers are classified according to the grinding method

Grinding with mesh: suck the beans into the grain refiner, and grind them in a small space to improve the grinding efficiency. Grinding and heating directly in the soymilk cup, easy to clean and low price.

Soymilk makers are classified according to the heating method

Chassis type heating: Since the heating plate is attached to the bottom, soymilk warms the whole cup body. The taste is fragrant, and the price is cheap, most of them are on the market. The product adopts this heating method. Three-dimensional surround heating: If we compare it with chassis-type heating, then a circle of heating wire is added to the wall of the cup. Soy milk nutrition is released more fully, and it is not easy to paste the bottom. The price of this type of soymilk maker is more expensive.

Tube heating: external tube heating provides poor safety, and uneven heating.

Soymilk maker is classified according to the material of the cup body 

Stainless steel: The inner cup body is made of stainless steel, which is easy to clean, scratch-resistant, and wear-resistant. It has a good thermal insulation effect.

Food-grade plastic: Fewer functions, not easy to clean, and the wall of the cup is easy to dye.

Terminology of soymilk maker

Soymilk machine capacity and number of people: The amount of soymilk is expressed in liters (L). Because the fresh soymilk has a short storage time, we recommend selecting the capacity smaller product. 0.8L-1.1L for 3 people and below, 1.2L-1.3L for 4-5 people, and 1.4L and above for 5 people or more.

Which soymilk maker is good? Soymilk maker buying tips and soymilk brand recommendations

Soymilk makers are getting old, and now they are all using wall breakers. Midea BL1011a is good. I just bought a 1299 two cups a few days ago for a pot. The raw beans are put in for 24 minutes, and they can also make vegetable juice. Because of the simple operation, this wall breaker price is OK.

What should you pay attention to when choosing a soymilk maker?

Many people want to buy a soymilk maker. Soymilk has always been popular as a traditional breakfast drink. Furthermore, a soymilk machine that can grind high-quality soymilk is the most worthwhile purchase. For the purchase of a soymilk machine, experts remind consumers to treat it rationally. Generally, there are three main criteria for purchasing a domestic soymilk maker

1. Pulp concentration

2. Safety and hygiene

3. Complete cooking function. 

That is to say, if these three standards are met, the quality of the soybean milk maker gives you a guarantee.

What should I pay attention to when buying a soybean milk maker? 

Soymilk maker purchase points and want to buy a satisfactory and good soymilk maker, you need to compare and verify from many aspects. The following provides you with some reference suggestions: 

1. Look at the brand:

First, look at the structure and design of the machine. The high-quality soymilk machine has intelligent non-stick and easy-to-clean technology. After years of market testing, the performance is relatively complete and superior. Moreover, its reliable quality and good reputation, deeply loved by the people, and widely recommended by everyone.

2. Look at the quality: 

Look at the crushing effect. The motor performance and blade design of the high-quality soymilk maker are reasonable, the beans are crushed finely, and the soymilk yield is high. The motor is the core component of the soymilk maker, and its performance is crucial. The third is to look at the technology of the mesh cover. The meshes of the good mesh cover are arranged in a herringbone shape, which is dense and uniform. The whole wall is smooth and flat. It does not block or hang pulp, and the pulp output rate is high. 

When purchasing, you can lift the mesh cover to look from the outside in. If the transparency is high and the mesh arrangement is very orderly, it is a high-quality mesh cover, otherwise, it is not. The materials and accessories of the soymilk are all first-class, and the authoritative certification and authentic quality assurance title obtained by the soymilk maker, such as China Electrician Great Wall certification, EU CE certification, quality inspection exemption, etc. 

The best way is to understand the source of the materials and accessories used. The materials and accessories used in good soymilk machines are generally of the highest quality, and most of them import from abroad. Usually, the evaluation and title awards of authoritative organizations are very strict. 

3. Look at the service: 

Look at the actual pre-sale, in-sale, and after-sale service of the manufacturer, especially the density of service outlets. Therefore, a perfect service system is also a good guarantee of product quality.

4. Look at the special functions:

Some claim that they can store in heat. Some can directly soak beans in a soymilk maker for regular production, and some suggest consumers dry the beans, etc. Although soymilk is easy to deteriorate when stored in heat, only it should be refrigerated and stored. In addition, using the timing function to directly use the water of soaking beans to make soymilk is neither hygienic nor good in taste. Using dry beans to make soymilk directly will affect the pulp yield and nutrient absorption. Therefore, consumers should analyze specific problems when purchasing soymilk makers

Similarly, we should not trust the one-sided words of manufacturers, so as not to buy inappropriate products. In summary, Small home appliances for health care, mainly based on soymilk makers, have been selling well recently. Soymilk makers vary widely in price and function, and many consumers often do not know how to choose.


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