House cleaning can sometimes be a laborious and tiresome routine. If you are determined to make household chores easier and faster, and you want to buy a vacuum cleaner, we present a guide with all the guidelines to take into account to choose the perfect vacuum cleaner.

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1. Buy the vacuum cleaner according to the type of floor in your home

Often, when we go to buy an appliance, we repeat the habit of paying attention to details such as the power and the number of watts. But what about the characteristics of your home? Not taking into account other factors such as the type of surface to be treated is one of the most frequent mistakes when buying a quality vacuum cleaner. Depending on the type of soil to be treated, you will need it to have more or less power. For example, on carpeted or carpeted floors, more suction power is needed than on ceramic, wooden, or parquet floors.

2. Special vacuum cleaners for pets

Another point that you must take into account when choosing a vacuum cleaner is the presence of pets at home. Having animals that frequently lose hair and are of great length, will make the appliance tank clog more easily. In this case, you need a vacuum cleaner that sucks more.

3. Allergy problems? Choose a vacuum cleaner with filters

An element that must be taken into account is the issue of allergies. The general operation of the appliance is to suck on the surface removing the mites. If the vacuum cleaner does not contain a filter, the vacuumed dust particles fall back into the air, causing an allergy attack or asthma in allergy sufferers. Vacuum cleaners with a filter clean the air more effectively, and if it is also a filter with a higher number, more particles will collect.

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4. Buy a broom or robot vacuum cleaner?

Both models work with rechargeable batteries, which makes them practical to use without having to be connected to the electrical current.

4.1 Advantages of the broom vacuum cleaner

  • They are light in weight and easy to handle
  • They can be easily stored due to the little space they occupy
  • Accessible to any corner

4.2 Advantages of robot vacuum cleaners

  • They work automatically without having to be aware of their performance
  • They are programmable, a very practical feature if you do not want to be calculating when you will be home to be able to clean
  • Accessible under the furniture due to its small size thus avoiding having to move the furniture

5. Choose a vacuum cleaner with a label for greater energy efficiency

On September 1, 2014, the European Union approved regulation No. 665/2013 in which manufacturers are required to inform the consumer about the energy consumption of household appliances. In addition, a higher power does not mean a better cleaning result, but a significant increase in your electricity bill. Vacuum cleaners with this energy label have power that does not exceed 1600W.

We hope that this advice manual for buying a quality vacuum cleaner has been useful to you. If you have any other questions, we advise you, and we will find the vacuum cleaner that best suits your needs.

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