We have already heard it a thousand times. Our sink can have more bacteria than the toilet at home. Let’s not talk about the cloths and sponges with which we scrub the pots or go over the countertop. Since, in addition to health and hygiene reasons, we all like to have a very clean kitchen. Here are seven tips and tricks to keep your sink in perfect magazine condition.

As sinks are usually wet, and many times they have crumbs, food remains, or we use them to drain food that we have in colanders, etc., they are a perfect field for the proliferation of bacteria. For this reason, cleaning the sink should be an important issue for us, beyond simply removing the remains or giving it an occasional pass.

Throughout the day, we are using the sink almost continuously. Every time we fill a glass with water, every time we rinse a plate or a glass, regardless of whether we have a dishwasher or not, we always use the sink. We also use it to throw off cooking broths when we drain pasta or other ingredients, when we wash vegetables, etc.

For this reason, although we do not realize it, the possibilities and risk of bacteria accumulating are quite great. Luckily, it is not complicated to clean it, and it is enough to put into practice some tricks and tips that I will tell you below.

How to keep your sink clean?

1. Don’t let food scraps build-up

We know that it is lazy to start cleaning and tidying upright after eating. But since it is something that we are going to have to do, it is preferable to spend ten minutes going through and rinsing the dishes. Then leave them to soak for a few hours with their stuck-on food debris. That is an invitation for all kinds of bacteria and contaminants to proliferate.

At least giving them a good rinse at the time will help prevent the appearance of germs and bacteria. It will also make it easier for us to wash the dishes and pans when we are going to do it.

2. Once the sink is empty, don’t leave it like that

Giving it a good ” scrub ” with plenty of soap, followed by a rinse, will make everything look great again. The clean smell that we will notice right away and will spread throughout the kitchen, will be the best reward for having done that little job.

This task will not take us more than two minutes and the difference is great. When finished, we can pass a kitchen paper to remove the drops of water and shine the bottom and the walls of the sink, which are always the great forgotten.

3. Do not forget the drain or sink

Since food remains sneak in there, these can give off odors or cause traffic jams. In addition to cleaning it well, we can check that there are no remains stuck, removing them if necessary.

4. Use filter plugs for the sump

One of the best purchases for my drain was this stopper that allows water to pass through and retains solid debris. They are not worth more than two dollars in “everything at 100” stores, and they are great. Of course, do not forget to scrub it too, especially in the area of ​​​​the rubber that it has in the lower part.

5. Every two or three days, a little bleach

The cleaning and disinfecting power of bleach can help us keep the sink clean. From time to time, every two or three days, I wipe with a cloth soaked in bleach and add a splash by pouring it down the drain. This leaves us calm and the result is noticeable.

6. Take care of clothes and scouring pads

If the sink can be a cluster of bacteria and germs, we must not forget the clothes and scouring pads that we use every day. In the case of the cloth, it is important to rinse it and rinse it well, draining it so that it does not remain with water, after each use.

As for the scourer, after use, we must also clean it. Once finished, add a splash of dishwashing detergent, which with its disinfectant and antibacterial effect will prevent them from developing inside.

In any case, at least in my house, every day we washcloths and scouring pads, changing for clean ones. In the washing machine, with rags and other cleaning elements, they are perfect for a short program at high temperatures.

7. You have to be constant

Cleaning the sink does not take much time, but maintenance must be done, both when cooking. Cleaning what we are staining collected, and when eating, collecting the dishes and avoiding leaving accumulated piles. Five minutes after cooking and another five after eating, it’s not much work, and the difference is obvious.

With these seven tips and tricks to keep your sink magazine-proof and free of germs and bacteria, you can rest easy.


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