You will have found countless guides to buying a vacuum cleaner on the internet. But something you will surely have realized is that the more you read, the more confused you will be. Too much information and too much data. In the home advise, you will find many reviews and vacuum cleaner buying tips. But in the end, the most important thing is to find a vacuum cleaner that suits what you need in your day-to-day life.


Today, the vacuum cleaner market in all its aspects is saturated. There are many existing products and that can lead you to spend more than you should, or than you need. In the end, the main premise is simple, avoid buying something too big for you. Adapting the purchase to certain characteristics is the key to success and it is useless to pay $300 for a vacuum cleaner if you have an apartment of 50m2.

For this reason and to make your life a little easier, we have created this article in which we indicate 7 things that you should take into account when buying a vacuum cleaner.

Floor Space

First and foremost, the size of the place you need to clean. It may seem obvious, but many buyers are not clear about the use they are going to give their vacuum cleaner and it is a fundamental aspect. Depending on the size you will need a battery capable of finishing the job. That is why we have classified the average cleaning times that your vacuum cleaner should offer, depending on the size of the place you are going to clean:

Less than 50㎡: 20 minutes battery life.

Less than 100㎡: battery life of 40 minutes.

Between 100 and 150㎡: battery life of 60 minutes.

200㎡ or more: battery life of 80 minutes.


Second, you must analyze the type of housing where it will be used. Ask yourself the following questions: Do you have more than one plant? Who will use the vacuum cleaner? Depending on these needs, you will either have to use a light vacuum cleaner or you will have to replace the cleaning robot with a handheld vacuum cleaner.

handheld vacuum cleaner

Home Appliance

Thirdly, you must define what is inside your house: Is there low furniture? Can the vacuum cleaner easily access every corner? Depending on the answers, you will need a handheld vacuum cleaner with a collapsible tube, or a cleaning robot capable of going under your furniture.

Dust analysis

Fourth, you need to know what kind of dirt is hiding in your house. Do you have pets? Are you a live woman? Do you usually only find dust when you sweep? The type of dirt to be collected must be analyzed to find the correct suction potential. If you choose a low-power vacuum cleaner, it can be used in environments with only dust. If the weight is greater, you will need to increase the suction power.

This guideline point may be of help:

  • Low Level: 100AW or less
  • Medium level: 100AW-140AW
  • Medium-high level: 140AW-180AW
  • High Level: 180AW or higher

We do not recommend using vacuum cleaners with a low suction level, as they will only be useful for cleaning lint.

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In fifth place, we are going to talk about the command of use. Not all handheld vacuums have a trigger lock system. Many low-end vacuum cleaners have a button to activate their operation. This detail is important when you want to clean continuously for 15 minutes. A trigger lock is a necessary feature in most situations.

Type of Soil

In sixth place, we are going to focus on the type of soil. Not all vacuum cleaners are designed to clean on any surface and for this reason, determining the type of floor is essential. Will we clean on a smooth floor? Will we clean on carpets? Depending on our answer, we will need the vacuum cleaner to include a cleaning brush and different types of adapters such as bristle brushes or carpet brushes.

Other Item Clean

Finally and to conclude, it will be important to define if, in addition to floors, we are going to clean other spaces. If you want to clean upholstery you will need a soft suction brush. If you want to clean over the bed you will need a dust mite cleaning brush. To this, we must add corner brushes or dust brushes with which to clean keyboards and other places that are difficult to access.

Check-in detail the extras that your vacuum cleaner includes to avoid surprises. In many cases, not all are included.

Finally, and to make things easy for you, we are going to leave you with a multipurpose vacuum cleaner that is in the middle of all the points that we have specified. An option that you should take into account is the BLACK+DECKER, a good-quality vacuum cleaner that stands out for its suction power. Few vacuum cleaners have the strength of the BLACK+DECKER, specifically, it stands out with about 210AW of suction.

handheld vacuum cleaner

It has a battery of 85 minutes of use, which according to our previous classification is equivalent to a flat of approximately 200m2. With its lightweight, it is one of the few vacuum cleaners that includes carbon fiber in its manufacture, which makes it a light and agile option to use. It is almost 30% lighter than competitive models. Its tube is foldable to facilitate cleaning under furniture and tables without having to bend to reach every corner and its trigger is self-locking.

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