It is not a wonderful phenomenon that our drinks, after a while, get too cold or too hot. For convenience and practicality, thermos flasks were invented. This gives us the possibility of protecting any type of liquid at the temperature at which it is poured into these insulating jars.

Nowadays, these containers have become so popular. Today there is a wide variety of options to transport drinks from one place to another or simply to keep them out of the weather outside. These objects can be found in many presentations, in different colors and models.

To acquire the best thermos, it will be essential that you know what your needs and tastes are. You will have to decide on factors such as the storage capacity of the container as well as the material. Because in this way, your purchase process will be easier.

The Important Things

  • A thermos is a bottle in which different types of drinks are stored, such as coffee, tea, or water. They have a double wall and a vacuum is generated in the center of these that prevents the outside climate from affecting the temperature of the liquid inside the container.
  • Although all thermoses are manufactured to meet the same objectives, among which are keeping drinks cold or hot, as well as transporting them easily, these objects can be found in two main materials, plastic and stainless steel, which have their pros and cons.
  • Choosing the thermos that best suits your tastes and needs can be more difficult than it seems since the variety of products on the market is immense, therefore, it will be essential that you review certain factors such as the capacity of the container, its design or the insulation system you use.

The best thermos

Transporting drinks without them getting cold or hot for a considerable time is no longer so difficult. Thanks to the thermos, we can protect liquids from the outside temperature. However, the variety of these products is very large. Next, we will show you a list of the best sellers on the market.

Atlasware Thermos

Atlasware Thermos water bottle

The Atlasware stainless steel thermos can maintain the temperature of hot beverages for up to 18 hours. On the other hand, cold beverages will last longer up to 24 hours. Due to its design, it is easy to clean and, promises high resistance.

The container is manufactured with 3LVI technology, with a triple level of insulation. In addition to its material being high-grade 304 stainless steel, it has different properties. It is anti-corrosive, antioxidant, does not contain BPA, and is friendly to the environment.

Shopping guide – Thermos water bottle

Keeping our drink with a specific heat after a certain time is no longer so difficult since thermoses have given us the comfort of protecting the temperature of our water, coffee, or tea. Next, we will show you various sections with pertinent information about these containers.

What is a thermos and what advantages does it have?

A thermos, also known as a Dewar bottle, is a bottle in which different types of beverages are stored, such as coffee, tea, or water to keep them hot or cold for a longer time. They are ideal to take anywhere, such as work, school and even traveling due to their size and practicality.

These objects have a technology that allows vacuum insulation. That is, the body of the thermos has a double wall. A vacuum is generated in the middle of them so that the outside climate does not affect the temperature of the liquid that is inside the container.

Thermoses are very varied, they can store from 300 milliliters to 4 liters. Likewise, they can have various heat or cold insulation systems. Next, we will present some of its advantages, accompanied by certain disadvantages that should consider.

  • Keep beverages at pouring temperature for a long time
  • They are easy to transport
  • They are easily found
  • There is a wide variety of options
  • They mean saving money and waste
  • They have a time limit for temperature protection
  • Not all are practical
  • They can alter the taste of drinks
  • They have a certain shelf life
  • Your investment can be considerable

Plastic or stainless steel thermos – what should you pay attention to?

Thermoses are manufactured to meet the same objectives, among which are keeping drinks cold or hot, as well as transporting them easily, however, these objects can be found in two main materials, plastic and stainless steel.

Plastic thermos: These types of products are usually cheaper or more accessible and although they are a viable alternative to eliminate the consumption of disposable plastic bottles. But their useful life is usually not very long. Thanks to their composition, they are very light and practical to transport.

Stainless steel thermos: Stainless steel thermoses look more elegant and professional, in addition to respecting the taste of beverages. Due to their main material, these objects tend to weigh more than plastic thermoses. However, their durability and resistance are greater.

Plastic thermos Stainless steel thermos
Materials Plastics and synthetic fibers Stainless steel and complementary plastics
Approximate weight 200 grams 500 grams
Odor retention Yes Nope
Microwave use Yes Nope
Ease of cleaning Half High

How much does a thermos cost?

The price of a thermos will depend on various elements, including its size, the material with which it is made, and the brand to which it belongs. A high-end stainless steel thermos with an original design will cost between $15 and $35.

Likewise, a mid-range thermos, with a capacity of 750 milliliters, can be worth between $10 and $15. On the other hand, a low-end one, made partially or totally with plastics, with a capacity of between $10 and $30 milliliters, will cost around $17, however, they will be just as useful.

Where to buy a thermos?

Thermoses have become high-demand products, so finding them will not be very difficult. You can find them on various online sales sites, such as eBay, Mercado Libre, or Amazon, where you will find an extensive description of the product along with its cost and some reviews that will be useful to you.

In addition, they are containers that are sold in any supermarket, such as Walmart, Mega, or Soriana in the kitchen area or kitchen accessories. Also, in department stores such as Palacio de Hierro, Sears, or Liverpool you will find very interesting thermos designs and there will probably be someone trained to advise you correctly.

Likewise, in some well-known coffee shops, such as Starbucks or Cafe Punta del Cielo, you will be able to find the brand’s thermos, with original designs. However, the variety will not be too wide, in addition to the fact that the prices may be a bit high.

Purchase criteria: Compare and qualify the different models of thermos

Choosing the thermos that best suits your tastes and needs can be a little more complicated than it seems thanks to the variety of options that exist on the market. To make the best purchase decision, we recommend you review the following factors that will make the task of choosing easier for you.

  • Ability
  • Design
  • Insulation system


You can find thermoses with different capacities. However, you must first take into account what is the purpose for which you want to acquire one of these products. You need it to transport your coffee on your way to work. It will suit you more than the one you would need if you wanted to hydrate a football team.

Personal thermos: If you want to buy a thermos for your personal use, then you can find many options that will allow you to store from 350 milliliters to 1 liter of drink, depending on the amounts you are used to ingesting. These thermoses usually measure around 8 centimeters wide by 19 high.

Communal thermos: If your purpose is to share a drink such as coffee, isotonic water, or natural water, then your best option will be a thermos with a capacity of over 2 liters, which you can find with a screw cap and, in some cases, with a fast flow tap. which will give you greater convenience.

This type of thermos, by protecting larger quantities of liquid, will have measures greater than those of personal thermoses. Its size will be from 18 centimeters wide by 37 centimeters high, which stores 3.8 liters, up to 33 centimeters wide by 49 high, which accumulates a total of 19 liters.


The design of a thermos is not usually very complicated, they all consist of a double-walled container where the liquid is deposited, a lid, usually a screw cap to prevent spills, and a safety valve, however, there are more complete designs They include features such as the following:

Non-slip finish: They are bands that help hold the containers more securely since the plastic used allows a better grip. They are usually smooth, although you can also find them with certain grooves that will provide a pleasant texture to the touch.

Cup style lid: Some thermoses have a lid integrated into the container that becomes a small cup, where you can pour your drink, either hot or cold, and enjoy it anywhere. It is very practical because after using it, you only have to rinse it and place it back on top of the bottle.

Handle or grip: This accessory is usually quite useful. If you are one of those people who like to have complete control over their drink, then you will probably like to buy a thermos with a handle, which will provide you with greater security.

Insulation system

Preserving the temperature of a drink depends largely on the material with which the thermos is made. It is common to find those made of plastic, glass, and even ceramic, however, those that maintain the original temperature of the drink for a long time are made of stainless steel.

The system used in a thermos is that of a vacuum between walls. That is, by generating a vacuum between the inner and outer walls of the container, a heat transfer is not allowed. Therefore, the temperature of the liquid lasts longer intact. When you look for one of these products, make sure that it includes this technique.


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