Pans in general are essential kitchen utensils in any home. The pans for making pancakes or crepes are different from the traditional pans that, we can have in the kitchen thanks to their adherence.

Often, cooking with eggs can make the results far from what we have in mind, and the crepe can stick. If we use one of these special pans, sure that we are not going to have the same problem as always. Now, you may be wondering where can I get them? Well, that’s what we’ll talk about in this article.

Although we will give you all the information so that you can access Amazon and acquire them without problems. We also tell you that these pans can be found in the most varied sites, such as Walmart, Ikea, Lidl, Coppel, and even Carrefour.

Before continuing, we invite you to review our article on the best frying pan brands.

What is a crepe pan?

The crepe pan is a kitchen utensil for cooking crepes and all kinds of delicious pancakes or omelets. It is designed with a metal plate, usually steel, cast aluminum, or iron, with low walls. And, a circular outline has been placed in the heating zone to help form the tortilla.

In the same way, this pan comes with several non-stick layers, a versatile ergonomic design, and bases suitable for both burners and induction cookers.

Best Crepe Pan Brands

Materials and quality are one of the most important elements before choosing your frying pan. Moreover, a good brand offers you not only a guarantee but also quality products that give you security. Here we leave you a list of the best positioned and preferred brands by consumers and best-ranked by experts in the area.

1- Tefal

2- Westinghouse

3- Cook N Home

4- Cuisinart

5- Norpro

6- Ozeri

7- Imusa 

8- Nutrichef 

How to make crepes with a crepe pan?

In case you have never made crepes yourself, we have very good news for you. Preparing crepes in a specialized pan is easier than you think. Here is a simple guide to using the pan efficiently.

Prepare the mixture as uniformly as possible. It should be free of lumps and other signs of poor ingredient integration. Need to mix the recipes in the blender to achieve the desired consistency. Once your mixture is ready, you should let it rest for 15 minutes.

While your mixture is resting, heat the pan for 3 minutes and spread a light coating of light butter or olive oil to optimize the performance of the non-stick coating. Pour the mixture in gentle circles with your hand and let the contour of the pan shape the crepe. Wait for the heat to begin to affect the dough.

When the crepe is solid on one side, use the spatula to flip the tortilla over to prevent overcooking. Repeat this process until the crepe reaches the desired texture.

Advantages of a crepe pan

The advantages of using a special pan for crepes are numerous and for this reason, we will show you one by one here.


The main advantage is obvious. It occupies much less than a traditional crepe. You can store it with the rest of the pans.


You can use it as a pan for pancakes, a pan for crepes, or as a griddle to roast meat or vegetables.

Easy to use

As it does not have electrical components, it does not need instructions for use.


Most of these pans can be used on any type of stove, induction, or gas.

Elements to consider before buying a crepe pan

To choose the ideal pan according to your needs, you have to take into account a series of characteristics. That is why we will leave them here so that you can review them with peace of mind.

Pan shape

The pan for crepes has to have a flat base and very low edges, it has to be round. This shape makes it possible to spread the dough with precision and uniformity, a fundamental factor for obtaining a magnificent crepe.

The low edges allow the use of a spatula, which can be made of wood or plastic, to be able to detach, turn and cook the crepe on both sides. The crepe has to have a round shape and then fill it and fold it four times. The diameter of the pan should be at least 26 or 32 cm.


The pan must be non-stick. To cook the traditional dough, this type of pan allows the dough to spread smoothly over the entire surface with a little butter. The dough cannot stick, if it sticks it will be impossible to cook this delicious dessert or snack.


The materials from which the pans are made are very important, especially the part that will come into contact with the food. We can find crepe pans made of die-cast aluminum or stainless steel, with wooden, iron, or plastic handles.

The most important part, which is the one that comes into contact with food, usually has a Teflon coating. If possible, it is better to choose those that have a layer of stone or ceramic, or mineral particles over Teflon pans. Although the latter have their advantages, the former is better for health and also for cooking food.

Stone coating for the non-stick surface is much more durable than Teflon. Cast iron pans are generally the most durable and also the most expensive. Cast iron offers greater heat resistance, but also better distribution across the surface.

If we have to prepare many crepes at the same time, this material is the ideal option to ensure that they always have the same result.


As for the compatibility with the hob, although practically all pans of this type adapt to any hob, pay close attention that it is compatible with yours, whether it is gas vitro or induction.

If you want to avoid taking risks with the compatibility of your kitchen hob, there are also electric hobs. They work simply by connecting to the electrical current, to obtain the same results as in a traditional frying pan.

There are many different models of electric crepe pans on the market, the most professional of which are made up of a smooth plate without edges, similar to the one used in creperies and restaurants.

These types of pancakes require a little skill in the preparation of the dough due to the absence of the edges. On the other hand, it allows obtaining large and better-elaborated crepes.


As for maintenance, keep in mind that most of these pans can be cleaned with a piece of kitchen paper and running water. It is advisable to use this cleaning method to avoid detergents that can leave residues and thus contaminate the flavor of the crepes.

The cooking of other types of food in this type of pan is not recommended if not indicated by the manufacturer. The strong flavor of some foods, especially meat and fats, could later pass into the dough and ruin our delicate crepes.


As for the accessories, we find wooden or silicone spatulas to turn the crepe. A wooden ‘T’ tool is also available, which is used to spread the crepe batter in the pan to get the same thickness as the cake and allow for even cooking.

Best pans for crepes and where to buy them in the USA

Now that we have done an exhaustive review of the types of crepe pans, their particular care, brands, and designs, all that remains is for us to leave you this link that you can access to see all the types and products available.

Do not forget that you will also come across the best customer service on the web, who will be happy to accompany you throughout the entire purchase process.


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