Sweeping your home can be made a simple task with the help of a robot vacuum cleaner. If you want to know the benefits of having a smart vacuum cleaner at home, how it works and how to choose the best one, you have come to the right place. Doing housework is not always easy. Beyond how tiring it can be, issues such as remote work, children or other day-to-day obligations mean that there is no time to carry out this task.

Can you imagine your house cleaning itself while you do other activities with your family? Beyond a scene that seems to come out of a science fiction movie, this is a reality. Dusting the house is not a recent topic. Attracted by this problem, in 1901 an Englishman named Hubert Cecil Booth invented the vacuum cleaner. One day he was trying an invention that he had previously seen and to do so he placed a handkerchief over his lips and with his mouth sucked up dust from a chair. When he saw that all the dirt had accumulated on the paper, he knew his idea would work. 

Over time this idea was improved. Some other curious people invented smaller and quieter vacuum cleaners. This technology evolved until it reached what we know today as a robot or intelligent vacuum cleaner. A big step for the world of cleaning!

What is a robot vacuum cleaner for?

Robot vacuum cleaners make cleaning easier for you in an unusual way. As they are responsible for leaving your floors sparkling while you do some other activity. As its name suggests, it is an automatic vacuum cleaner that can move on its own. Since its structure allows it to move through all spaces, even under furniture. In addition to the brushes with which it cleans, many have a system that prevents them from bumping into spaces and thus does not stop cleaning.  

Many people still doubt if the robot vacuum cleaner can clean their houses or if it is something that just “looks pretty”. If you also have that doubt, you have to know that, the device has a system of brushes that ensures cleaning. While one sweeps, the other collects and stores the dust in the deposit or container.

It has the advantages of conventional vacuum cleaners, but with amenities that make this robot basic for your home. In addition to making cleaning easier, it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance or attention. Since it practically turns on and does its job on its own. The best thing is that there is a huge range of models that adapt to the size of your spaces, the budget, and the cleaning needs you have at home.

How to choose the best robot vacuum cleaner for your home?

Due to the wide variety of models and brands of robot vacuum cleaners, if you want to choose the ideal one for you, we advise you to take into account the following:

1. Your kitchen space

The first thing you should consider when choosing your next robot vacuum cleaner is the place you want to clean, is it very big, small, with many corners or obstacles?  

For example, if the space you have is empty or very flat, it is not so necessary for it to have a sensor to avoid colliding with other objects. On the other hand, in a large house, you will need one that is more autonomous or has greater storage capacity. In case the place has many corners, you can choose a robot whose size allows easy access to each corner. If the rooms have nooks or corners that are difficult to access, we must consider that the robot we choose can reach them. 

More than a design issue for your robot, taking into account the area it is going to clean can determine its effectiveness. If you want it to go over carpets or non-flat spaces, you probably need one with large wheels, although you should keep in mind that it will not be able to clean under the sofa. Remember that you should always look for the best alternative to your needs.

2. Shake or scrub the kitchen floor 

Each floor is a world and the way you treat yours depends on its material and how you like to clean it. For this reason, there are several types of robot vacuum cleaners on the market, which offer you various cleaning possibilities. You will be surprised! Do you want to just sweep the dust? There is a robot vacuum cleaner with the function of only sweeping and, as its name says, they are in charge of sweeping and catching the garbage on the floor. Many people believe that this is the only type of robot that exists in the market. since it is understood that it is the only function that it can fulfill. But this is not true, now you will know other models that offer you more possibilities. 

Pick up the dust and mop the floor. Sweeping and mopping with a robot is possible! These models are a little more modern because, in addition to having a brush that removes dust, they also have microfiber and even a small tank to put water with floor cleaners such as the Fresca Lavanda multipurpose cleaner, which not only provides shine, it also leaves an exquisite aroma throughout your home. So you will achieve a complete cleaning.

The robot does not do all the tasks at the same time. The order will depend on how you configure it. Some other robots’ mops are more advanced and can even perform better movements for further cleaning of your floor. If you only want your robot to clean the floor and not vacuum, it is possible. There are robots on the market with which you can only mop the floors without sweeping the dust. Remember that this depends on your needs and tastes.

3. Connectivity

Another aspect that you should keep in mind when purchasing your robot is its connectivity. While some work by simply pressing the button to start their work, others are a bit more modern that operate through a voice command. That’s right, just ask them to start and the robot vacuum will start cleaning your room, isn’t it Fabuloso ®? If it seems complicated, don’t worry! You can also look for a vacuum cleaner that has an application compatible with the operating system of your cell phone. 

The applications facilitate the use of the vacuum cleaner whether you are inside or outside your house, can you imagine starting to clean your rooms without being in them? A good mobile application makes it possible. Taking into account that not all applications are functional, there are some that crash or close when using them. 

You can search the application store of your cell phone for the review of said application, there the comments of the clients who already have the device will be able to guide you and thus you will know if it works.

4. Type and charging base

One of the functions by which robot vacuum cleaners can autonomously clean your house is thanks to the fact that they have a battery and do not need to be connected to electricity. 

When selecting your favorite robot vacuum cleaner, you must take into account the battery, since the performance of the device will depend on it. Sometimes (it is not a general rule) the cheapest smart vacuum cleaners on the market do not have good battery performance, which means that you have to charge it every moment and even before it finishes cleaning. Surely you do not want to leave your cleaning unfinished, so consider this at the time of your purchase.

It should be said that the average charge of a robot vacuum cleaner is approximately two hours, with this information you can have an average in your search.

5. Power and suction

As you will remember, for the prototype of the vacuum cleaner, the suction was the most important thing it was what differentiated it from the device that blew all the dust particles.

Therefore, the power and suction of your vacuum cleaner are key when choosing which one to buy. 

If you want your house to be free of dirt, choose a suction that allows you to remove dust and dirt from all corners of the home. The important thing will not only be to trap, but also to retain, so it must have a good filter that helps trap particles. 

In addition to good cleaning, this will also prevent you and your family members from having allergies or any type of respiratory problem. That’s why when buying, check that your vacuum cleaner traps the highest percentage of particles in the environment.  

You must take into account that the power of vacuum cleaners is measured in pascals, therefore the more pascals it has, it usually has more power. This aspect can also represent some cons because sometimes when robot vacuum cleaners have a more powerful motor, they tend to make more noise. It is worth mentioning that this is not a general rule, since there are devices developed to have good power and almost no sound.

6. Autonomy in your journey

In the world of robot vacuum cleaners, three systems help when “walking” around your house: 

  • Cameras
  • Gyroscope
  • To be

Experts recommend the laser navigation system as it provides a better perception of objects and obstacles that you may encounter along the way. Many of those who use this technology save the map of the place in their memory to have a better recognition of the space.

Why should you look at a navigation system? The point of having a smart vacuum cleaner is to make work more efficient, which is also what it means to improve cleaning times. If the vacuum cleaner does not have a good system, it may go through the same place several times, which means that time and effort will be duplicated. 

7. Capacity

As we mentioned a moment ago, automatic vacuum cleaners have a tank where the dirt collected by the brush is stored, therefore it is important to know the capacity of the tank to know how much it can clean without having to empty it. 

If you will use it in very large spaces or you have pets that shed a lot of hair, it is advisable to opt for robots with a greater collection capacity, because there will be more dust and debris to collect. 

A very important point is that sometimes vacuum cleaners that have a central rotating brush can be affected by pet hair because instead of staying in the tank, they get stuck inside the brush and can break your robot. This aspect leads us to a very important point to consider when buying your vacuum cleaner: its components.

8. Spare parts

Just like cars, your vacuum cleaner needs parts in case the parts wear out or break down. And while we want this new assistant to be forever, sometimes we have to help him so that he continues to make our lives a little easier.

When buying it, try to ask and investigate in forums both the guarantee, the customer service, as well as the ease of finding spare parts for your model. Because sometimes the repairs are more expensive than buying a new one or, well, the parts are discontinued so it would be very difficult to find them. 

Pets and the robot vacuum?

Pets are the ideal companion, beings that fill you with energy and love. However, having a robot vacuum cleaner may not be the best idea in your presence. Everything will depend on your best friend, he may follow her nonstop, climb on her, bite her or simply ignore her.  The truth is that there is still no vacuum cleaner that is indestructible and bite-proof by our faithful companions, so it is recommended that if you have pets try to take care of their interaction while the vacuum cleaner works since you could neglect yourself and your pet decides to take it as his new toy. 

What is very useful for cleaning a house with pets is that your robot can help pick up the hair that your cat or dog drops. If that is the case, it is best to choose a vacuum with a large storage capacity and without a central roller. 

The former is because the hair creates a larger amount of debris that the vacuum must pick up. While the second is because the hair can get stuck in the rollers and break down the device. This is not a general rule; however, it is advisable to ask the supplier about the robot with the best capacity for this type of waste.

Tips to get the most out of your smart vacuum cleaner

If you have already decided to buy your new smart vacuum cleaner, now we will give you some tips so that you can get the most out of it:

1. Collect obstacles

While the smart robot will clean your floor, it won’t pick up anything you have on it. Therefore, before putting your vacuum cleaner to work, collect what is lying around such as shoes, rags, and even cables. This will help clean faster and with less chance of hitting or breaking your robot. 

2. Take care of the battery

One of the main causes of electronic devices breaking down is battery failure. Try to follow the charging instructions and do not leave your robot plugged into electricity once it is fully charged. 

3. Maintain your vacuum cleaner well

If you already have one and don’t know how to clean your robot vacuum cleaner, here’s how. Every time it finishes working, it empties its tank regardless of whether it is not full, otherwise, it may lose power. 

In addition, you must keep it clean, so regularly wipe down your robot’s brushes and filters to prevent clogging. Another good idea is to clean it completely from the screen to the wheels since the mobility of the robot depends on them and being dirty could hinder its path. 

4. Get ready to have a clean house with less effort. 

Now you know what the different options are that you can find in a robot vacuum cleaner. Start planning the most informed purchase or get the most out of the robot vacuum cleaner you have at home by taking advantage of your time and enjoying a clean space.

Having a clean space helps you feel more comfortable and calm because seeing everything in order makes your mind and body feel happier. To better enjoy this experience, we recommend using cleaning aromatherapy. That’s right, after sweeping you can mop with a floor cleaner that leaves a delicious fragrance on your floor

We recommend you use Fabuloso®, which has different aromas that will give a new touch to your home. Lavender, Fresh Sea, Sunrise, Orange Energy, or Fruit Passion, all will aromatize your home. Furthermore, will be the ideal complement for your robot vacuum cleaner, since after sweeping, they will help your floors to be shiny and with a delicious aroma.

Final Tips to get your smart vacuum cleaner

If you have already decided to buy a smart vacuum cleaner, this great question is likely hanging around your head and the answer is not so simple. In the market there are options for all pockets, so you will find a wide variety of prices. Search on Internet, you can find robot vacuum cleaners in department stores or e-commerce stores, whose prices range from 500 to 2500 American dollars, depending on their characteristics. 

What characteristics does the vacuum cleaner with the highest price in the search have? According to its website, this robot has automatic dirt removal, empties itself, has a Wi-Fi connection, smart mapping, works with smart speakers, is great for pet hair, and cleans both carpets and hard floors. In addition, it has an application that allows you to operate from your cell phone. Quite a luxury among automatic vacuum cleaners, since thanks to its characteristics you could let it work on its own and completely disregard cleaning the floor.

What you have to consider is that this vacuum cleaner has the specifications to clean a large space with complicated floors such as carpets or obstacles. Therefore, its wheels are larger and could complicate cleaning in small areas or corners.


So remember that the most expensive is not always the best. The secret to finding the best automatic vacuum cleaner is to think about what is best for you. Before buying yours, consider your needs, the characteristics of your home, and how long you are planning to use it. In this way, you will be able to find an ideal robot to do your housework.

Now you know how to choose your next robot vacuum cleaner. Start enjoying a unique cleaning experience and change your routine at home.


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