How many times a day do you use the kitchen sink? Lots! And so you have to find the perfect sink for your everyday life. Functional, resistant, and beautiful to look at: these are the three characteristics that your new kitchen sink must have. There are various shapes and types of built-in sinks, I advise you to choose one according to your needs and also based on the other choices you will make in the kitchen.

Kitchen sink materials

To choose the material, the shape of the tub you want is also important:

  • Rectangular, square, or round
  • Single bowl or double bowl
  • With a drip or without
  • Squared or shaped bowl

A material without weak points doesn’t exist, but you can find the best one for your needs.

The stainless steel sink

Steel is the most popular material for kitchen sinks. It is a particularly hygienic and long-lasting material, it also resists high temperatures. The steel sink can have a glossy, satin, or scratch-resistant finish, precisely because it is a material that scratches easily.

very chic solution is to have the entire kitchen worktop in steel with an integrated sink.

The sink in composite materials such as Fragranite

Fragranite is a composite of quartz and resin, as well as being very resistant to wear and stains, it has a less cold appearance than steel. The fragrant sink is made in a range of natural colors and some more contemporary finishes, such as white or black.

In order not to damage the material, it is better to avoid thermal shocks, so I advise you to let a hot pot cool down before putting it in the sink and I also advise you not to use very acidic detergents or abrasive sponges.

Fun fact: Fragranite was born as a commercial name and derives from the crisis of Franke, the first company that patented it, and granite (“granite” in English), only later did it enter the common language to indicate sinks made of composite materials.

There are also built-in stoneware and sintered stone sinks that are not sensitive to heat, the only downside is the price!

The ceramic sink

Like any object made of ceramic, sinks are very resistant to wear, they are very hygienic and easy to clean with any detergent, the only precaution to keep is that of accidental falls of objects that could chip the surface.

From an aesthetic point of view, they are usually countertop washbasins, and not everyone likes them due to their somewhat romantic and retro appearance: I would see them very well in a country house surrounded by greenery!

The HPL sink

HPL belongs to the laminate family and has the splendid possibility of being used both for the sink and for the worktop, it has a very wide range of colors and for this reason, it has an excellent aesthetic result. Attention! Avoid placing hot pans inside the sink and using abrasive and aggressive products.

The HPL sink integrated into the worktop has a splendid aesthetic result.

We have analyzed the most used materials, in addition, there are also Corian, natural stone, concrete, and other metals which are however less common due to a question of cost and maintenance. We hope this article has helped you find the perfect sink for your needs.