A kitchen organizer rack can make full use of the limited space in your kitchen room. Verity of the rack for the seasoning bottle to the movable trolley for the rice cooker, as long as it is reasonably used. Even a small-sized kitchen with limited space can do everything it needs. However, looking at the kitchen organizer racks currently on the market, not only they are different in size, height, etc., but also in terms of appearance and style. If you want to choose a rack that fits your own in terms of appearance and practicality, sometimes it’s not that simple.

Therefore, today we will systematically introduce you to the key points of choosing kitchen shelves. And also introduce you to several cost-effective kitchen storage artifacts in the form of rankings

Some ideas and organization tips for your kitchen

  • Bulk is not only an ecological practice, it is also a good way to have your stocks under the eyes and to avoid waste. And in addition, the shelves of jars, it’s decorative.
  • Do you have a very small kitchen? Opt for a trolley that allows you to easily move utensils and ingredients to the dining room or living room table for a decentralized kitchen workshop. And as a bonus, user-friendliness is guaranteed!
  • Be intractable with the work plan! The only equipment that you use almost every day is allowed to stay there. Otherwise, head to the cupboards for a free and practical work plan.
  • Lighting is important so that it is fun to cook together. Provide good lighting for the work surface and efficient general lighting.

After reading these points need to be paid attention to when you purchase. We will introduce several recommended kitchen Organizer racks to you. I hope to help you choose the best shelf for your home kitchen.

6. 4-Tier Metal FermeFloor Standing Kitchen Vegetable/Fruit Shelf- A variety of specifications are available

4-Tier Metal Standing Fruit/kitchen organizer racks

Large and wide mouths do not occupy any land, recommended for storage of fruits and vegetables

Vegetables and fruits are arranged in a mess in the kitchen and can’t fit in the refrigerator. This practical and stylish kitchen rack is very suitable for storing fruits and vegetables. The rack is made up of stackable baskets. The floor space is shorted but the storage capacity should not be misjudged. Each of the 4 freely sized baskets is ideal for holding everything from fruits and vegetables to toys and linens. You can choose the number of layers according to your specific needs. When not in use, you only need to remove the connecting tube and it can be used as an ordinary basket.

The baskets are arranged vertically in an attractive stand with a large wide mouth. There is a small fence that does not hinder you from taking. Larger fruits and vegetables such as watermelon, winter melon, and cauliflower can also be put in completely to avoid bumping or rolling off. The cave design also ensures ventilation and helps maintain the freshness of the fruits and vegetables inside. This kitchen shelve has an attractive antique Black brushed copper finish. However, because it is made of high-grade iron for long-lasting beauty, it may wipe clean with a soft and damp cloth.

5. Heart-friendly refrigerator gap Rolling Slim Storage Cart with Handle

Tower Rolling Slim Storage Cart-Kitchen Organizer Racks

Large use of small gaps, make full use of every space

Is the space in the kitchen too small to fit a large-capacity rack? This rolling shelf is the perfect organization option in the kitchen and is designed for gaps. The size of the entire shelf is only 18.7 x 5.1 x 31.7 inches. As long as there is such a small gap between the refrigerator and the sink, the shelf can be perfectly arranged. The bottom of the shelf is intimately designed with 360° universal wheels. You only need to pull it out when you use it and store it when finished. Coupled with different layer height designs to be stocked with oils, spices, or anything you need close at hand as you cook. Wine bottles, seasonings, dry goods, and other tall and short items can be stored. Bottom rack bearing up to 6kg, central shelf up to 3kg, top stand up to 2kg, surface board up to 1kg. If you have pets at home, you can also hide cat food and dog food in this gap to avoid being turned over.

Although the screen frame looks thin, it is made of carbon steel. The load-bearing capacity of ordinary household storage is not a problem. Especially for quite tall and narrow which means to fit ideally against or between things. A small apartment with a lot of money can make your kitchen organizer. However, it is recommended that you place it in a gap space with obscuration on both sides. If it is placed against a wall or placed horizontally, it may be crooked due to its thin thickness. YAMAZAKI has created this rack with special attention to simplicity, practicality, quality, and saving kitchen space.

4. Pull out kitchen cabinet storage rack for Pots and Pans/ a variety of specifications

Pull Out Cabinet Drawer kitchen Organizer racks

Dish rack in the cabinet, height support free adjustment

The storage of dishes and other tableware requires mass attention to common factors such as ventilation, drainage, safety, and anti-cockroach. Efficiently and practically organize your cookware without having to dig under the cabinet. There is no independent floor stand in this dish storage rack but can be adjusted in length and height according to your cabinets to organize dishes. The awkwardness of the cup is too high to fit in. smooth slide by High quality bearing glide system ensures the weight of heavy pots, plates, and other kitchen utensils. The whole shelf is divided into two layers, that are used to store dishes and chopsticks. Both layers are made of non-magnetic stainless steel, which has excellent anti-fouling and anti-corrosion properties.

kitchen Cabinet Organizer rack

The curved handle groove provides enough comfort when gliding the organizer in and out. After the dishes are cleaned, there will be some water droplets. To avoid the breeding of bacteria, the shelf is specially designed with a drain tray, which is also more convenient for cleaning. Don’t worry about it destroying the expensive cabinets; the easy-to-operate non-marking nails are used. Girls can also install it by themselves. At least need to 12-inch width and 22-inch length cabinet opening place to fit. Included is a helpful alignment guide that will tell you exactly how far from the front of the cabinet you should mount the frame.

3. Microwave Oven Rack Shelf Unit for Kitchen Utensils

kitchen rack

Special shelf for microwave oven, height adjustable

Is the kitchen countertop occupied? In addition to floor racks, table racks can also save kitchenware that is nowhere to be placed. This countertop shelf allows microwave ovens and ovens to be stored vertically while occupying a unit area, leaving you more room on your counter and in your kitchen. You can also put electrical appliances underneath, and store condiments, dishes, and other small utensils on the lower level for easy access. This 12.75″ (L) x 23.75″ (W) x 18.75″ (H) size metal rack with shelve matches most kitchen spaces. Use this metal storage kitchen rack anywhere to create more space with vertical storage. This kitchen rack is built to be long-lasting. This stainless-steel countertop shelf is designed to withstand the weight of a small tackle. This metal shelving comes with rubber feet for a non-slip grip.

In addition, to adapt to different sizes of microwave ovens, the upper layer can be adjusted in height. Rotating the feet can also adjust the height of the four legs to correct the unevenness of the table. There are especially thoughtful hook designs off the shelf, which can hang soup spoons, spatulas, and other items. This metal-made rack is easy to keep neat.

2. 6 Hooks Microwave Oven Stand Metal Frame Wood Look Kitchen Rack

Kitchen utensils organizer Rack, Coffee Bar with Wire Basket 6 Hooks

Straight edge + arc edge, avoid corners to bump into children

The kitchen is not only a holy place for mothers but also a place where children often run in and out to find food. This sturdy steel frame kitchen storage rack is not a traditional square tabletop, but a novel design with straight edges and curved edges. This rack offers you 6 S-shaped hooks which are ideal for hanging cooking spoons or kitchen towels. Another bonus is the practical, pull-out wire basket to store recipes. Max Static Load Capacity (80 kg) ensures you can reliably place plenty of your favorite cookbooks and more in this way; you can avoid the sharp corners of the table from hitting the children’s heads by just placing the straight side against the wall.

In addition to the vertical layering, it is also divided into three parts, a storage basket and two storage layers, which can store slightly taller seasoning bottles, fragile plates, etc. into the basket to avoid falling. on the 35.4” x 15.7” work surface can be used to place large kitchen utensils, such as microwaves, ovens, etc. However, it should be noted that these kitchen organizer racks need to be assembled by yourself after you buy them, which may be a little troublesome.

1. Heavy Duty 3-Shelf Rolling kitchen rack for Foodservice/Restaurant

3-Shelf Rolling Service rack

A smart storage trolley can also be used as a hot pot dish rack

As a cart-shaped shelf, its biggest feature is that it can move freely within the entire house. The 360° universal wheel has its brake and is silent when pushed. In addition to the daily kitchen storage, it is especially recommended as a temporary dish rack when the desktop space for hot pot, appliances, etc. is not enough. Each of the upper and lower three layers can bear a load of 300 pounds of total storage weight capacity, with 100 pounds per shelf. which can easily handle general kitchen supplies storage. For floor surface protection Rubbermaid Commercial provides 4 inches non-marking thermoplastic rubber swivel casters that absorb shock.

Each cart has a closed edging design around it to prevent items from falling. And the bottom of the basket is drained. The vegetables and fruits can also be kept fresh to a certain extent. In addition, the lengthwise space of each layer is about 30cm, and ordinary bottles and cans can be put into it. However, it should be noted that, due to the less edging height, it is still not recommended to put particularly Glass bottles to avoid being Broken down later.

Kitchen Organizer Racks Buying Guide

How to Choose a Kitchen Organizer Racks

The kitchen space is not the largest in all rooms, but the items that need to be stored are almost the most complicated in a family. Without a reasonable storage method, will inevitably look messy and awkward. Such as oil, salt, sauce, and vinegar, to high-frequency use of rice cookers, juicers, Electrical appliances, etc. The kitchen shelf can solve this problem in one fell swoop. Below, let us take a look at what special attention should be paid to the purchase.

Select the size according to the placement location

Although the kitchen shelf is only a shelf for storage, it is not too big or small in the end. Of course, the size is the first thing to pay attention to. Before purchasing, remind you to fix the size according to the kitchen space. Especially when storing electric rice cookers, microwave ovens, and other electrical appliances, the location of the power socket is also troublesome.

In addition, the most neglected point is the space required to open the drawer or cabinet door. If the kitchen is too small and the space is not large, large cabinets may cause trouble to turn around after opening the drawers. And the cabinet doors may not open at all. Therefore, if the kitchen space is small, it is recommended that you choose the left and right sliding door types.

Make the most of the small gaps in the kitchen

Storage has become a science only because it can achieve the effect of expanding space in a disguised form by using space. Let’s take a look at how to achieve the maximum use of limited space.

Narrow kitchen: tall and narrow racks

At present, many small apartment kitchens in the United States are long and narrow. It is challenging for low cabinets to store enough utensils in the unit area, and it is easy to stretch the lack of space. Therefore, it is recommended to use a small bottom area and a certain amount. Even if it only engages a corner of the kitchen, it can save space to the greatest extent and store more items in the vertical direction.

However, it should be noted that it is best to pay special attention to durability when buying this type of cabinet to avoid unstable chassis overturn. And it’s better not to place heavy or commonly used things such as rice cookers and rice on the upper layer for convenience.

Gap storage: ultra-narrow storage rack with casters

The clever use of the ultra-narrow shelf with casters can instantly transform the inconspicuous small space into a convenient storage space. In particular, narrow spaces such as the gap between the refrigerator and the sink, or the gap between the walls can be fully utilized. In addition, ordinary drawer racks are difficult to access deep objects. it is easy to forget where they are stored over time. With a caster, you only need to pull it gently, and you can see where to put it at a glance.

When buying this type of Kitchen Organizer Rack, you need to pay special attention to the size. Even if you make full use of the gap, it is recommended that you leave at least a few centimeters wide to facilitate the push and pull of the shelf.

Choose according to the items placed

The function of the rack varies according to its purpose of use. Is it used to store kitchen utensils such as rice cookers, or to store dishes and chopsticks? The items that need to be stored and organized are different. And the points that need to be paid attention to when buying racks are different. Here we take a look!!

Storage appliances: pay attention to ventilation and moisture-proof and socket outlets

Generally, steam, smoke, and heat are easily generated when cooking utensils such as ovens, electric stoves, and rice cookers are used. Therefore, you must pay attention to whether there are vents that emit steam and heat when storing.

In addition, you must pay attention to the socket for storing electrical appliances. If the socket outlet in the home is in the right place, it is almost no problem as long as there is a small opening on the back of the rack. Otherwise, if there is no socket at the location of the rack, or the rack happens to block the socket, it is recommended to buy a rack with its socket, which will be more convenient to use.

Storage rice cooker: A shelf with a pull-out partition is better

Want to get a shelf for storing rice cookers? Then a shelf with a pull-out partition is perfect. This kind of shelf can pull the compartment out and open the lid smoothly with a gentle pull. It is very convenient whether it is taken out or put in the inner pot of the rice cooker, and it can also prevent the water vapor that overflows from turning into water droplets when the lid is opened. Glue it to the top of the shelf. But before buying, don’t forget to be optimistic about the size of the rice cooker from home appliances and the space needed to pull out the partition.

Microwave oven, oven: steel shelf is better

For electrical appliances such as microwave ovens, you can store them under the shelf to make full use of the upper space. Because the microwave oven needs a certain amount of space for heat dissipation, the surroundings cannot be blocked by partitions. Steel racks are the best choice.

At present, many steel racks on these desks are available in various sizes. It is helpful to find ones that are compatible with your microwave ovens. Due to the good bearing capacity, some can also integrate a microwave oven and an oven, which saves more space. And even comes with functions such as chopsticks and knife storage.

Cutlery storage: adjustable partition is super convenient

If the family decides to install partitions in the sideboard for sorting, don’t forget to see if the partitions can be adjusted in height. The kitchen utensils used by each family are different. There are many kinds of dishes, bowls, wine glasses and so on. The height required for this tableware is usually different. If the partition gap can be adjusted freely, you can buy new tableware and put it back.

In addition, there are various styles of appliance storage cabinets. some cabinet doors are made of glass, which can be easily selected at a glance without opening. And some are wooden cabinet doors or drawer cabinets, don’t worry about breaking like glass cabinet doors, you can hide messy tableware. Both have their characteristics, and everyone can choose according to their ways.

The low cabinet can be used as a small table

This kind of kitchen storage cabinet does not need to be placed against the wall. even you can be placed in the middle of the kitchen. In addition to the storage function inside the cabinet is worth looking forward to, arbitrarily arranging rice cookers, coffee machines, etc. on the top of the cabinet simply adding vases, red wine, and other decorations can create a practical and modern lifestyle. If it is a decoration design integrating the living room and kitchen, it can also become the dividing line between the two spaces to avoid clutter.

To sum up

After reading the six popular items on the show, I wonder if any storage racks are your favorite. Here is a reminder to readers who are planning to purchase the best kitchen organizer racks. Because this kind of shelf is frequently used daily. you must pay attention to the size and your habits when choosing so that you can use it smoothly. I hope that through today’s introduction, you can also choose the storage artifacts suitable for your kitchen and make the kitchen space a whole new look.

Common Question People May Ask

How to organize a functional kitchen?

When you cook little, you don’t necessarily need a super organized kitchen. We manage.

But when it comes to preparing meals for 10, 15, or 20 people, it is better to avoid 100 steps and unnecessary gestures.

For this, no secret: we organize ourselves and optimize each gesture by placing the equipment where it is most useful. What is the ideal kitchen layout when you receive it? Each activity area should be as practical as possible.

⦁ Near the sink: colanders and trash cans.

⦁ Near the hobs: pans in large kitchen drawers, spices, condiments, seasonings, and utensils (spatulas, spoons, etc.) within easy reach.

⦁ Near the work surface: knives, cutting boards, and any robots that you use often. If you rarely use them, hop, straight into kitchen cupboards or large drawers, or even high storage. Better to leave the worktop free and easy to clean.

How to organize your cupboards, drawers, or high storage units to store food?

When you cook a lot over a few days, you have to store a lot of food in your kitchen cupboards. For an efficient organization, here are our tips before the rush:

⦁ Do a decluttering session first. Expired cereal or canned goods that have been sitting in the back of the kitchen cupboard for years deserve to go in the trash and free up space.

⦁ For all current groceries, favor storage in large, deep kitchen drawers. Ideally, translucent boxes of the same size will be filled with food.

⦁ Interior storage accessories and drawer or furniture organizers will be of great help to you so that everything is in its place.

How to organize your refrigerator?

When cooking a lot, the refrigerator must be organized in detail.

Check daily the stock of drinks that must be cool, just to have a bottle of juice or soda in advance.

In the vegetable drawers, store only the peeled vegetables that you have washed and cut up when you come back from shopping: a peeled and washed salad in a plastic bag or a tea towel, peeled carrots in a Tupperware, diced beets ready to eat. be seasoned.

Everywhere else in the refrigerator, favor the storage of food in transparent plastic boxes of the same format (rectangular or square) to optimize filling.

How to sort and arrange the dishes during the service?

Are you alone in the kitchen and do you want to both treat your guests and enjoy them? It is not necessarily missioning impossible.

The key is to compose your menus by limiting last-minute preparation to a single dish. If your main course is a game casserole started in the morning and your dessert is a frozen log, you can easily prepare a starter served on a plate just before the meal.

During the meal, with each dish that you clear, immediately fill the dishwasher or put the dishes directly to soak in the sink. You will save time at the end of the meal when putting the kitchen back in order.

What organization for the cleaning of the kitchen and the management of garbage cans?

The trash can or rather now the trash cans since all the kitchens integrate the sorting, must be ready to be filled at the time of the preparation of the meals. For this, create rituals during the holidays when you receive them.

Every morning, make sure the bins aren’t full yet, and if they are, go empty them so the kitchen is ready to go.

The same applies to recyclable packaging and especially glass, which quickly piles up during this period.

Take the opportunity each morning to put the kitchen in order and do a basic cleaning (a wipe of the sink and on the worktop, a sweep of the floor). It only takes a few minutes but helps prevent chaos from setting in over days.