It is not always easy to know how to sharpen a knife and restore its youth to the blade. As soon as you feel that your knife no longer has its optimal edge, it’s time to sharpen it!

To have a tool in perfect working order, you must work with good tools! Laguiole – Attitude gives you all the techniques to sharpen your knife easily!

How to sharpen a knife

How to sharpen a knife with a ceramic or diamond sharpener?

The rifle is an instrument with a cylindrical steel rod that allows you to sharpen your knives. For novices, we recommend this method.

ceramic or diamond sharpener?

There are 2 sharpening techniques with a rifle:

1/ Horizontally:  Hold your rifle horizontally, tilt the knife at an angle between 20° and 30°, and follow the cutting line from the bottom of the blade to the tip.

2/ Vertically: Place a wooden board flat so as not to damage your work surface. Place the rifle vertically and tilt your knife at an angle of approximately 20° as close as possible to the handle. Then move your knife along the cutting line, taking care to pass the entire blade over the gun. Repeat the operation several times, alternating the two sides of the blade. Do not forget to wipe your knife afterward to remove the iron filings formed by the wear of the metal.

How to sharpen a knife with a whetstone?

Sharp Pebble Premium Whetstone Knife Sharpening Stone

Place your sharpening stone in water for a few minutes before sharpening your equipment. It must then remain wet during sharpening, so do not hesitate to pour a little water on the stone regularly. Place the blade of your knife over it, keeping an angle of about 20° or 30°. Rest the fingers of your free hand on the blade to better stabilize it, then go back and forth to sharpen the full length of the knife. Again, don’t forget to wipe down your blade to remove any deposits! 

Sharpen your knife with a manual sharpener

manual knife sharpener

Easy to use, we advise you to opt for this manual sharpener, equipped with 3 functions, it will allow you to make your knife blade sharp and shiny. All you have to do is fully insert the blade into the notches at a 90° angle with the sharpener. Exert light pressure on the blade and pull the knife towards you through the notches. Never push in the opposite direction for safety reasons. Repeat the operation 5 to 7 times.

Sharpen a knife without a sharpener

If you don’t have a gun or a whetstone, you can use a mug! Just flip it over, and run your blade over the grittier part of the cup the same way you would a gun or a stone. And voila! 

Sharpen a knife with a box of matches

This slightly more atypical technique allows you to sharpen a knife with a simple box of matches. Use the side of the box where you normally strike matches to sharpen your blade. If this trick is very practical when you are hiking or in the mountains, it will not allow you a perfect sharpening but can help you out for a while! Now you know how to sharpen a knife in different ways! Whether you are at home or not, you will be able to take care of your blade and even impress those around you with all the techniques for sharpening a knife.

Easy to use, we advise you to slide the CARB-CUT on each side of the blade (only the sharpener is in this movement) maintaining an angle of approximately 20 -30° between the sharpener and the blade.

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How to sharpen a knife with a Sabatier sharpener?

Sabatier sharpener

The sharpening angle is essential, it is around 30° and must be regular. It is important to pass the two faces of the knife alternately on each side of the rifle to obtain the finest cutting edge possible. Do not pass the blade several times on the same side.

How to sharpen with a knife sharpener?

Sharpen your knife with a manual sharpener

Simply insert the blade fully into the notches, respecting a 90° angle with the sharpener. Exert light pressure on the blade and pull the knife towards you through the notches.

How to use a Fiskar sharpener?

Place the Roll-Sharp™ on a flat surface and push the knife blade back and forth across it. 15 to 20 passages should be enough! Wash your knife after sharpening it. Its 40-degree sharpening angle and grind type are suitable for most kitchen knives.

How does a knife sharpener work?

The principle of operation of all knife sharpeners is the same: the abrasive material is often diamond or steel. The blade comes to rub on this material to smooth out the roughness. The most classic is the stab gun. It consists of a handle in which is embedded a granulated steel wick.

What’s the best way to sharpen a knife?

For a super finish and a razor-sharp edge, you have to sharpen the knife with a very fine angle (12°), a fine stone, then go over leather, with razor paste (like our grandfathers). Then pass your knife over it, a few times on each side, FLEEING the edge in this case.

What is the best knife sharpener?

Among the sharpeners tested we give preference to the Minosharp Plus 3, so it is the best knife sharpener. With its ceramic wheels, it sharpens the knives in three progressive phases, from coarse to fine. And this at a very acceptable speed.

How to sharpen scissors with a knife sharpener?

The technique consists of giving small scissor strokes around the neck of the bottle (especially glass). Roll the gullet well between the blades to sharpen them.

How to sharpen a knife?

Sharpen your knives with steel wool. To prevent your needles and pins from dulling, use steel wool to sharpen them. Many people recommend slipping some into a pincushion.

How to sharpen hairdressing scissors?

You take a sheet of sandpaper, fold it in half, grainy side out, and cut out blades of sandpaper. With this method, all you have to do is rub the scissor blades against the neck of the bottle. Do it for a few minutes and you’re done.

What is the difference between sharpening and honing?

Sharpen or sharpen? These two terms mean the same thing. It is the fact of rendering the cutting properties of a blade by removing very little material to obtain a very fine edge at the level of the edge of the blade.

How do you know if a knife is sharp?

Place your nails at an angle and hold your knife against your nail without pressing. If your knife slips, it is advisable to run your knife over ceramic sharpening steel. If your knife stays on the nail, then it’s sharp (at least where you put it).

Does sharpening steel wear out?

We advise against forcing your rifle with your knife. It will not improve the sharpness of your blade. On the contrary, it could have an effect of premature wear of your gun or even generate an irregular cutting edge.

How to order Sabatier knives?

So, take advantage of the attractive prices you can benefit from on Sabatier knives thanks to the special operation organized by Carrefour! To do this, go to your favorite point of sale (list of participating stores available here) before May 9, 2022, and do your usual shopping there.

What tool to sharpen a knife?

The manual knife sharpener is the simplest sharpening tool available. It is found in many kitchens, it is also mainly used to sharpen kitchen knives.

How do you remove the burr from a knife?

However, sharpening is essential for the good cutting of the knife. “The felt will remove the burr. All you have to do is pass the blade over the felt 4 times, with the same angle used when shaping the cutting edge”. The elimination of the burr is measured by passing the blade over the nail, it must slide perfectly.

What grit to sharpen a knife?

If the knife to be sharpened has very hard steel, a very fine-grain stone will then be preferred. If you want a stone allowing the roughing of your knife, grains 120 to 800 will be preferred. This type of grit will also be suitable for reworking a dull or broken blade.

Why is a gun called for sharpening?

Etymology. The etymon of the term is the same as that of the firearm of the same name, it is fossils, popular Latin precisely meaning “fire” (from focus, “fire”). Focilis petra was the flint, the flint.

Why don’t scissors cut anymore?

Never force the cut, this damages the blades and the alignment. If cutting is difficult, your scissors are too small and not suitable for the task. To cut layers, place them closest to the pivot, not at the end of the blades.

How to sharpen scissors with a rifle?

Slide the blade.

With a smooth motion, run the blade over the sharpening steel bit from the bottom of the blade to the tip. Maintain the same angle while moving your hand away from the gun to sharpen the entire length of the blade for a consistent result. Do the same with the other side of the knife.

How to choose a good sharpener?

Sharpening steels

The length of your sharpening steel must be greater than the length of your knife blade. Steel: its abrasive surface makes it possible to recreate the edge of a knife quickly. These rifles are suitable for all steel knives.

How to sharpen a Santoku knife?

Using the whetstone:

  1. Wet the stone for 10 to 15 minutes.
  2. Place the upper half (or 1/3 depending on the length) of the blade flat and raise it by about 10 to 20° (the thickness of a coin)
  3. Rest the middle and index finger on the end of the blade and hold the handle with the other hand.

How to sharpen ceramic knives?

When sharpening the knife, place the sharpener on a flat surface (kitchen table, for example) and hold the sharpener securely by holding it firmly). Pass the blade of the knife in the notch provided for this purpose and slide the blade up and down, without ever going back and forth.