How to clean an electric oven

We summarize the best methods for you to learn how to clean an electric oven

The electric oven is a very practical appliance when it comes to getting us out of trouble to cook or heat ready food. Also, who does not like to look through the glass of the oven and see how the cheese on the pizza melts, how the cannelloni sauce bubbles, or how the baked meat splashes juices and aromas like a carnival?

However, it is true that high temperatures in the oven can cause food to leave a residue that is difficult to clean. It is important to take special precautions when cleaning an electric oven. But so that dirt is not an impediment to enjoying and cooking those dishes over and over again, today we will tell you how to clean an electric oven.

How to clean an electric oven

Before starting

Before we tell you how to clean an electric oven, keep in mind the following recommendations:

  •  If possible, always pay attention to the recommendations and precautions provided by the oven manufacturer when cleaning it.
  •  Since some cleaning methods involve cleaning the oven while it is hot, be very careful not to burn yourself. Never touch the hot resistors or the fan.
  • Keep the environment ventilated while you clean the oven to avoid possible poisoning.
  • Prevent cleaning products from wetting wiring or resistors.

How to clean an electric oven with resistances: step by step

The following steps will be more effective if you follow them after cooking, once the oven is warm. This will help not only to keep the food from sticking but also to use the heat to remove the fat more easily. Never use a knife, steel spatula, or other sharp items as this could damage the oven.

  1. Unplug the oven: Before you start cleaning it, make sure the oven is completely turned off.
  2. If you are going to clean it after cooking, wait for it to cool down, and remember never to touch the resistors or the fan while it is hot.
  3. Soak the trays and racks: In a bowl with warm water and detergent, soak the racks while you clean the oven. Leave them submerged for half an hour, and then use steel wool or brush to remove any stuck-on dirt.
  4. Use a product designed to clean ovens: These products are created in order to help you effectively remove burned grease and deeper dirt. Use a product like Cif Anti-Grease Trigger, as the spray will better cover all the nooks and corners of the oven. Apply it to the walls and the base (careful not to wet the resistors or the fan, if any), let it act for a few minutes, and use a dry sponge to help loosen the dirt.
  5. Extract the product to clean the oven using kitchen paper. In this way, you will avoid spreading the fat and you will leave the surfaces shinier. Then, take a bowl with warm water and a cloth, and rinse the oven to remove the remains of the products and thus avoid contaminating the food the next time you turn on the oven.
  6. Clean the glass: First, clean the glass well with an anti-grease product, such as Cif Anti-grease Trigger. It’s best to let it sit for a few minutes, so you don’t have to scrape the glass and risk scratching it. Once you get all the grease off, use a glass cleaning spray like CIF Trigger Liquid Cleaner for Glass and Delicate Surfaces to leave the glass spotless.

If there are splashes or dirt on the resistance, wipe it very gently with a damp cloth with vinegar, being careful not to scratch the resistance.

If you have another type of oven, which is not electric, read here how to clean it.

How to clean a very dirty electric oven inside

Sometimes weeks go by without us cleaning the oven and dirt accumulates, forming a barrier that seems impossible to eradicate. If your oven is very dirty try the following:

  •  Lemon and salt: Due to its disinfectant properties and its ability to neutralize odors, lemon can help us clean the oven. Form a paste and apply it when the oven is warm. Let it act for 20 minutes and remove the grease and dirt with kitchen paper.
  •  Another method is to use baking powder: Form a paste again with warm water and yeast. Apply the paste on the most stubborn stains and leave it to act for half an hour. After 30 minutes, remove it also using kitchen paper to absorb the dirt. Then go over the area with a cloth with water and that’s it!
  • If you want extra help, try Cif Anti-Grease Trigger. The good thing about anti-grease cleaning products is that they are specifically formulated to help you with the most difficult-to-remove stains, even those that have been stuck in the oven for a long time.

How to clean an electric oven with baking soda

  1. If you have some baking soda at home, you can try this very effective method to clean the oven:
  2. In a bowl, mix 3 parts baking soda with 1 part water to form a paste.
  3. I spread the mixture inside the oven and let it act for a couple of hours so that the baking soda can act as a degreaser.
  4. After that time, with a wet brush, gently remove the paste.
  5. If you want to clean even more thoroughly, put vinegar in a spray bottle and dampen the walls. You will see how foam forms with the rest of the bicarbonateUse a sponge to scrub the surface.
  6. Finally, rinse the oven very well, first using a sponge with water, and then a dry cloth to remove the remains of baking soda and vinegar.

If when you finish, you want to learn some more tips for cleaning ovens, be sure to read this note.


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