If you have noticed a strange smell or you have added a different liquid to the water such as coffee with milk or juice, to enjoy your bottle again on the first day you just have to clean it. In this post, we show how you clean steel water bottles. Don’t miss different ways to clean the stainless steel bottle article.

Clean the stainless steel bottle by hand with soap

The easiest way to clean steel water bottles is by hand in 4 easy steps.

  1. We will fill the bottle approximately halfway with warm water and a few drops of Fairy or any other liquid dishwashing soap. If your bottle cap is a screw cap, you can clean the edges around it with a sponge, soap, and water.
  2. We will put the lid on the bottle and shake it with all our strength for several seconds.
  3. When you can’t take it anymore, unscrew the bottle and throw away the liquid. To avoid soap residue, fill and empty the bottle several times with water.
  4. To finish, turn it upside down so that it dries more easily in the colander.

If we fill the stainless steel bottle with other liquids than water, it is important to clean its interior immediately to avoid bad smells and tastes. In this case, we will clean the interior with a brush, especially if the upper part is very narrow. With the bottle cleaning brush, you can effectively clean the deepest part.

In some cases, when you buy the stainless steel water bottle, the brush is also included. If yours does not include it, then you will find the best-selling brushes.

Clean the canteen by hand with Vinegar 

We will carry out almost the same steps as in the previous point. The difference is that instead of soap we will put vinegar, we will fill it approximately 1/5 with vinegar and the rest with water.

We will let the vinegar act for a few hours if it can be about 12 approximately. After this time we will throw away the liquid and rinse the bottle well with water several times.

To finish we will let it dry by turning it upside down.

Clean it by hand with baking soda and bleach

Use this cleaning method, if you have left milk, children’s chocolate shake, or juice for more than a day and the bottle has a bad smell.

  • We will add 1 tablespoon of color and one baking soda to the bottle and the rest to water.
  • Leave it on for 12 hours
  • Empty the content and rinse with plenty of water several times
  • Let dry naturally by turning it upside down.

The bottle in the dishwasher 

Before you put the bottle in the dishwasher, it’s important to know if it’s dishwasher safe. Those with designs on the outside or with insulation can deteriorate and are probably not suitable.

If you have a washing mode that is with warm water instead of very hot, choose this mode to avoid deterioration.

Recommendations for cleaning reusable bottles

  1. Hand washes to avoid deterioration that hot water from the dishwasher can cause on some pieces.
  2. Always keep the bottle dry and uncovered to avoid odors.
  3. Clean the bottle every time you use it for liquids other than water.