To buy a good industrial vacuum cleaner for any business, you have to analyze four aspects. It will help you know which is the best industrial vacuum cleaner and the one that best suits your needs.

When evaluating a vacuum cleaner, you normally, start with the most technical aspects such as power. Although, it is a remarkable aspect when it comes to choosing an industrial vacuum cleaner.

Below we will explain the main characteristics, that should consider to choosing the best industrial vacuum cleaner for any business.

4 Aspects to assess when buying an industrial vacuum cleaner

First Method

First of all, you must take into account the type of dirt that the appliance will have to suck up. It is not the same as vacuum dust or larger solid elements. The same industrial vacuum cleaner does not need dry vacuuming or if the liquid suctions also have to be alternated.

Second Method

Secondly, it is important to assess the type of filter of the industrial vacuum cleaner. It is important to ensure that the appliance works efficiently, that is, that it can suck without saturating the filter. If the filter becomes saturated, the vacuum cleaner will not suck to its full capacity. Therefore, it will be difficult to obtain the expected cleaning results.

If a high level of hygiene is required and to eliminate allergens from the environment, it will be necessary for the vacuum cleaner to incorporate a HEPA air filter. Which will filter out most harmful particles, including mold spores, dust, dust mites, and other allergens. Airborne irritants:

If the company has to comply with the ATEX Directive, which describes what type of equipment is allowed for work in an explosive atmosphere. We must focus on ATEX industrial vacuum cleaners.

Third Method

The storage capacity of the industrial vacuum cleaner is an element that we must also consider before buying an industrial vacuum cleaner.

Specifically, industrial vacuum cleaners are classified according to the amount of dirt to be vacuumed small, medium, or heavy. For this reason, it is important to choose an industrial vacuum cleaner that provides a storage capacity consistent with the intended use and the type of dirt that the device has to vacuum.

good choice will make cleaning operators’ tasks easier. And, As a result, improve their productivity since they will avoid repeating the action of emptying the tanks several times. It will be able to continue cleaning without interruptions.

In addition, the new industrial vacuum cleaners include improvements in the emptying systems, which allow easy emptying of large quantities without effort.

Fourth Method

The time factor is also a relevant variable. Before buying an industrial vacuum cleaner, you have to consider the working hours that the device must cover.

The motor of the industrial vacuum cleaner must be adapted to the expected operating hours of the machine. If not, we can make a serious mistake and limit the useful life of the vacuum cleaner. Specifically, causing excessive wear on the device due to excessive operation.

Therefore, it is important to ensure that the vacuum cleaners operate consistently within their assigned working hours. In this case, the motor does not suffer from the effects of poor operation planning.

Differences between a single-phase and three-phase vacuum cleaner

The electrical installation of companies is also an aspect to consider before buying an industrial vacuum cleaner. If the installation is single-phase, that is, between 220 or 230 volts, or three-phase, between 380 or 400 volts, one or another type of vacuum cleaner will have to be considered.

  • Single-phase industrial vacuum cleaners using for non-continuous cleaning operations and are common uses in production departments and work areas.
  • Industrial three-phase wet and dry vacuum cleaners are used for heavy and continuous applications. They are suitable for integration in production machines, for use in fixed installations, or for heavy machinery in general.

Best industrial vacuum cleaners

Knowing these differences will help you to know which is the most convenient type of industrial vacuum cleaner for the industry.

Once the industrial vacuum cleaner has been chosen, it is also important of finding spare parts for industrial vacuum cleaners, as well as their prices. In addition, it is also relevant to know if there is any technical service for industrial vacuum cleaners. It allows us to use the vacuum cleaners without compromising the expected operating hours.

An industrial vacuum cleaner can have various defects due to unwise purchases, such as poor durability, insufficient storage capacity, and low productivity. These problems do not help meet the expectations of either the company or the operators who must use industrial vacuum cleaners.

Thus, if the purchased industrial vacuum cleaner is an incorrect solution for the assigned tasks, the operators may be reluctant to use it. Therefore, it may be a machine that ends up being forgotten and without proper use or maintenance.

10 tips when buying a vacuum cleaner

Small appliances have become essential in our daily lives. They help us with everyday tasks and make our day-to-day much easier. Among all of them, we will highlight one: the vacuum cleaner. Indispensable if you want to enjoy a clean and dust-free home. But how do you know if you are buying the best? 

We tell you 10 tips that, you should consider when buying a vacuum cleaner. Take note! 

What a great invention the vacuum cleaner is! Do you know that it is over 100 years old? How do you read? The vacuum cleaner that now allows us to have an impeccable house is one that was invented in 1901 by the English engineer Hubert Cecil Booth. Its size was massive. It had a huge electric motor, and it was used more than anything for large surfaces. It was not until a few years later, in 1908, that this invention evolved. Acquired the dimensions that we know today, although before it was only within the reach of very few. However, now it is normal to buy a vacuum cleaner, but how can you choose the best one, Keep these tips in mind!


Realize that the vacuum cleaner you buy must be stored somewhere in the house. So you must take into account its size and the space you have. Storage rooms, cabinets, and even on the sofa of the bed are ideal places to store it.


Another aspect is power, although it is true that it has been a minor point over the years. And, is that with the latest regulations more importance is given to being efficient vacuum cleaners. Currently, vacuum cleaners cannot exceed 900W.

Power regulator

Concerning the previous point, It is important to choose a vacuum cleaner with a power regulator. Remember that, we do not always recommend you to use the maximum suction power, since you must adapt it to each space in the house that you are going to clean.

Energy Efficiency

It happens in all household appliances, energy efficiency is essential. Read the energy label. The most efficient value is A+++, and the least is D.

The volume of the bag

Another detail that you must consider is the capacity of your vacuum cleaner bag, which will always be expressed in milliliters. What is the same: the more volume, the more comfort because you will not have to change it so many times.

The design

It is a minor detail, but having a vacuum cleaner with a nice design also adds up. Look at new models, vacuum cleaners with simple and modern lines. Everything evolves and the design of the vacuum cleaner is too.

The filter

Current vacuum cleaners have filters that protect the motor and prevent the sucked dust from going out again. There are even washable filters. These filters have small fibers in charge of trapping the annoying dust. In UFESA vacuum cleaners, you can find practical and effective HEPA filters.

The wire

Do not forget to look at the length of the cable as a detail to take into account when buying a vacuum cleaner. Realize that the more meters, the more possibilities to move easily around the house and the greater the radius of action of the vacuum cleaner. They normally have an average of 7 to 9 meters.


It is rare (if not impossible) that the home vacuum cleaner does not make noise when it works. It is a fact that is why you must choose the one that makes less. This sound frequency is measured in hertz (Hz), and you will see it on the energy label like this: Noise level: Noise (dBA)/Frequency (Hz).


This aspect is not less important because it is number 10, quite the opposite. Buy a safe vacuum cleaner. For example, it must stop when the bag is missing or there are errors, and even when it is full, protection against shocks, also on the wheels, etc…

Taking these aspects into account, we are sure that you will buy the vacuum cleaner that best suits your needs and those of your home.


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