Today we are going to talk about how to choose stainless steel kitchen sinks. There are many things to take into account, such as the types of stainless steel, types of sinks, and how to clean a sink so that it lasts a lifetime like the first day when it has to go installed, etc.

 Types of stainless steel: 

Types of stainless steel

We are going to clear up doubts, first of all, let’s talk about the types of stainless steel that exist. These vary depending on the percentages of carbon, steel, iron, chrome, nickel, and molybdenum that they contain. In the hospitality channel, AISI 304 and AISI 430 steel are normally used. 304 steel is the best quality. It is difficult to corrode due to the chrome and nickel it contains, and it does not become magnetized. 430 steel is more ferritic, it does become magnetized due to the high iron content it contains. It also withstands oxidation quite well. 

Chromium, nickel, and carbon are the elements that cover the steel with an anti-corrosion layer. So avoid scrubbing stainless steel with abrasive chemicals that eat away that protective layer or scratch the steel with other metals. 

How to clean stainless steel?

Once you have clarified the types of stainless steel used in the hospitality channel, you have to know how to maintain and clean them so that they last a lifetime.

clean stainless steel

The truth is that stainless steel is so grateful that simply wiping it with a damp cloth with hot soapy water and then a dry one is enough to keep it clean. Leaving the surface dry is important to prevent the salinity of the environment or the limescale of the water from damaging the protective layer. 

If it is very dirty or with rust pitting, then you have to use baking soda with a drop of water, make a paste, and apply it to the dirty area. Leave it to act for half an hour, then clean it with a damp cloth and then with a dry one.

Stainless steel sink models: 

As for the type of sink to choose, it will depend on your kitchen, and the space you have. It is important in a kitchen to have well-differentiated different areas such as the cold area, the hot area, the preparation area, and the washing area. In this case, we care about the washing area where the sink, the dishwasher, and the rubbish bin have to be, and where to place the crockery and cutlery for subsequent drying

Single Bowl Dual Mount Stainless Steel Sink

The sinks can be single or double bowls. It is also important where the battery goes, whether to the right or to the left depending on where the dishwasher is. Another important thing to keep in mind is if it has a deburring hole to throw the debris when you are cleaning. Whether or not it has a shelf, you should also assess it. If it has a shelf, it will allow you to have the cleaning products organized under the stack and if it does not have a shelf, it will allow you to have the dishwasher under the sink. Also, take into account the size of the sink, depending on whether you want it to wash dishes or if you also need to clean pots, pans, etc.

I hope you have found it useful and before you buy like crazy, take good notes. Another important thing is to measure the space and the cabinet so that there are no surprises after buying.