How to choose a good dishwasher for your home

Find out which is the best dishwasher for your home and your needs consider the size, design, automatic programs, noise level, and much more. We also tell you its advantages and disadvantages.

For those who want to bet on acquiring a dishwasher for their home, they must learn to differentiate some models from others. In addition, you have to know what are the characteristics that the different models offer to understand what makes them more expensive or cheaper. Although the dishwasher is considered a luxury appliance. The reality is that it is becoming more and more common to see it in homes.

Not only does it save time and effort, but it also helps save water and energy compared to washing by hand. I discovered in this article that is the best dishwasher that adapts to the needs of your home.

TOP TIP: One of the secrets for the dishwasher to last much longer is to use products specially designed for dishwashers of good quality. For this, we recommend the Samsung brand, which offers a range of products for all your needs.

SPT SD-9263SSA 18″ Wide Portable Dishwasher with ENERGY STAR SPT SD-9263SSA 18″ Wide Portable Dishwasher with ENERGY STAR

How to choose the one that best suits your needs

Today the variety of dishwashers offered by different brands is very wide. The design, the size, and the functions they offer. Also, the different prices, make the choice of the appliance somewhat complex. All these details must be considered before buying it. If you want to know how to choose a dishwasher, then we recommend that you read and take into account the advice in this article.

How to choose a dishwasher according to its size and capacity

When learning how to buy a dishwasher, it is necessary to know in advance what space is available in the kitchen to be able to locate the appliance. This detail is very important since the space you have will determine which model it is necessary to acquire. Currently, there are 2 sizes on the market.

  • Classics: approximately 60 cm wide x 85 cm high x 55 to 60 cm deep.
  • Compact: they measure approximately 45 cm wide x 85 cm high x 55 to 60 cm deep.

In turn, it is necessary to take into account how many people live in the house. The capacity of the dishwasher is measured by the amount of cutlery it accepts. For example:

  • 6 or less covers. It is recommended for singles or for houses where dishes are washed infrequently.
  • From 7 to 11 covers. They are ideal for small families or with little space in the kitchen.
  • From 12 to 16 covers. Recommended for large families who use this appliance daily.

How to choose the best dishwasher: design and materials

It is not only important that the appliance can be integrated into the kitchen design, but also the quality of its components. One of the most important characteristics is that the material with which it is made is stainless steel.

Samsung Stainless Steel Dishwasher

How to choose the best dishwasher: type of load

Depending on the size of the space required in the kitchen, you need to consider the size of the appliance. Like, the type of door so that you can open it without problems, load and unload the dishwasher comfortably, as well as the type of load. Most of the models on the market are front-loading, but there are also top-loading appliances.

What is the best dishwasher: automatic programs

Some brands of dishwashers offer special programs that may be attractive depending on the needs of the consumer. But some are more essential than others, such as prewash, quick wash, delicate dishes, economical or ecological, and intensive wash.

These programs allow you to adapt the water consumption and the washing time, according to the degree of soiling of the dishes. In turn, other options can be found in higher-end dishwashers. Among its options: a salt and rinse aid level indicator, automatic water softener system, self-cleaning filters, different levels of sprinklers, and a variety of supports to wash each of the kitchen objects.

How to choose a good dishwasher: energy rating

One of the keys how to choose the best dishwasher from the point of view of savings is by looking at its energy classification. This will help us to have more efficient consumption, which will translate into savings on both water and electricity bills in the medium and long term. Check the rating for these signs: A+, A++, and A+++. The more signs next to the letter, the greater the savings.

Another important fact: the noise level

Dishwashers are often one of the loudest appliances in the house. Manufacturers are required to indicate the decibel level reached by the dishwasher during its washing program. Still, it is not recommended to choose a dishwasher with a level higher than 60 dB.

How to choose a dishwasher: consider the interior

Another tip on how to choose a good dishwasher is to look at the amenities it offers inside to house the dishes comfortably and profitably. What we recommend is:

  • Keep in mind that most modern dishwashers include separate trays to protect different utensils, such as a basket for cutlery or sharp utensils. This efficiency in saving space also translates into savings by having to use fewer washes.
  • It is advisable to make sure that you have more than one water dispenser since these will provide a more efficient wash. To learn how to save space and order the dishes correctly, we recommend that you read our article on how to load a dishwasher.

Avanti DWT18V3S Dishwasher

Dishwasher: how to use

If you have already bought or decided which dishwasher you are going to buy, we recommend that you read our article on how a dishwasher works, so you can learn to use it correctly.

Dishwasher: advantages and disadvantages

A dishwasher is an essential appliance in many kitchens. Know the advantages of using it:

  • Save time: you only have to place what you want to wash and select the desired program for washing.
  • Spend less water: water consumption is less than washing by hand.
  • It is more hygienic: it effectively eliminates germs, since it washes at high temperatures.
  • Dry dishes: once the washing process is finished, the dishes come out dry.

However, the use of a dishwasher also has disadvantages:

  • Space in the kitchen: it is necessary to have a large space for the installation of the appliance.
  • Special detergent: you need a specific product to adapt to the conditions of the appliance, such as withstanding high temperatures and not making excessive foam.
  • Periodic maintenance: like any appliance, the dishwasher needs maintenance, since its misuse could lead to repairs. Also, if you don’t do regular washing frequently, it can cause an unpleasant odor.

You knew all the tips to choose the best dishwasher and if you need some repair, I discovered what to do if your dishwasher does not wash well.


Frequently asked questions on how to choose a good dishwasher

What is the best brand of dishwasher?

The best brand is the one that suits your needs taking into account the size of the family, uses, and space available in your home. It is also important that it has an efficient consumption, so you will have savings on the water and electricity bill. Before buying, you have to check the energy classification by looking for the following signs: A+, A++, and A+++.

How many decibels should a dishwasher have?

Dishwashers are some of the loudest appliances in the house. The noise level standard for dishwashers on the market is between 42 dB and 51 dB, but some models offer noise levels below this average and are quiet. It is advisable to choose a dishwasher with a level of less than 60 dB. Since, it allows you to wash the dishes in a comfortable and fast way, collaborating with your rest.

What should be taken into account when buying a dishwasher?

Before buying the appliance, you must consider the size of the dishwasher and the space in your kitchen, because there are several classic and compact models on the market. In addition, you have to look at the load capacity, water consumption, energy, noise level, type of door, what the interior of the product is like the more water projectors it has, the cleaner the dishes will come out, type of filter (if it is self-cleaning or not), programs and special functions of the product.


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