Do you want to have a clean kitchen in 7 very simple steps? We know that the kitchen is one of the most difficult places to clean in the home. Many homeowners don’t know how to start cleaning this area, as this is where things get dirty the fastest. For this reason, today in Express Cleaning we bring you these tips so that your kitchen is sparkling.

To have a clean kitchen you have to put everything in its place

Put away everything that is out of place before cleaning your kitchen: put the dishes on the corresponding shelf and remove the accumulated papers from the table and store them in the right place, also, do not forget to remove everything from the counters.

Wash your oven mitts and dishcloths. Throw out anything in the refrigerator that is past its expiration date or anything that you or your family don’t eat.

 Pre-treat stains in your kitchen

Step 2 is stain control. Don’t waste your precious time scrubbing food that has stuck to the table or baked-on spills on countertops and stoves. Instead, apply a generous amount of all-purpose cleaner to these stains. Allow the cleaner to pre-treat the grime while you get down to the task of cleaning the stove.

 Moisten your kitchen

To keep your kitchen spotless, fill the sink with hot water, add a few drops of dish detergent, place your stovetop and vent hood filter inside, and rinse for at least 15-20 minutes to clean. soften spills and splashes of cooked food. (Your dishwasher could scratch the decorative surface of some stovetops.)

 Clean your kitchen oven

Open the oven (cold) and remove the racks from the inside. Scrape away burned spots with a dull knife held at a 30-degree angle. Use a cleaner for ovens that must be cleaned manually. If you have an oven that has a self-cleaning feature, turn it on and let the appliance clean itself. Don’t use oven cleaner in an oven that has a self-clean feature, as it can damage the surface.

To eliminate the need for frequent deep cleanings in the future, sponge up oven spills before they dry or burn to a crisp. For microwaved foods, apply dish soap with a scouring sponge, and rinse until the dirt is removed.

 Take care of your kitchen surface

After you’ve removed the oven messes, continue cleaning the kitchen by polishing all surfaces. First, clean the stains you sprayed on in step 2, then use a special cleaner to clean countertops, oven exterior, cabinets, dishwasher, and refrigerator.

To avoid scratches when cleaning large vertical areas like appliance surfaces, start at the bottom and work your way up, overlapping the areas in a circular motion. Rinse the sponge and reapply the cleanser frequently.

 Final touches to clean your kitchen and leave it perfect

Remove the vent hood filter and stovetops from their rinse in the sink; Sponge off any stubborn grime, rinse, dry, and put them back in place.

Clean the sink and faucet with a sponge and dishwashing liquid or an all-purpose cleaner to remove any residue, turn on the garbage disposal and run soapy water when you’re done.

 Time to clean your kitchen floor

Sweep first to get rid of crumbs in the corners, then mop with a product designed for your floor type. Keep in mind that the floor can become cloudy from accumulated residue in the cleaning solution, so be sure to rinse thoroughly. 

Following these tips can help you clean your kitchen better, but if what you want is a professional cleaning, don’t hesitate to hire the experts at Cleaning Express. We thoroughly clean your home in a single day, with the best techniques and the best professionals. Request your budget for a thorough kitchen cleaning and you will have it cleaned in record time.