Chopping boards tend to keep various odors, fortunately, there are several tricks to get rid of them.

Wooden chopping boards, although we wash them as best we can, tend to be impregnated with the aroma of foods (not always pleasant) such as onion or garlic. Has it happened to you? If your answer was yes, don’t worry, we bring you 4 very simple, but effective tips, with which you can eliminate this odor.

chopping boards

Method 1: Lemon and sun

Mix lemon juice with a tablespoon of salt, and with a sponge, rub this preparation against the surface of the table. Let it sit for at least 10 minutes and then wash it as you usually do.

Method 2: Lemon

Cut a lemon in half and rub it against the chopping board, then let the substance act for 15 minutes and finally clean it as usual.

Method 3: Ground coffee

Moisten the board and rub its surface with a little ground or soluble coffee. Leave the coffee on it for 15 minutes and then wash the table well.

Method 4: Baking Soda

Spread baking soda on the table and leave it overnight; the next day shake it and that’s it. If you want an even more effective result, add a few drops of lemon.