Over the years, we have seen technological advances. In addition, household appliances have also been included in technological advances. Almost without realizing it, innovation has been imposing itself, developing artifacts that better fit our needs. Without a doubt, the vertical vacuum cleaner is one of them. Broom vacuum cleaners burst onto the market a few years ago, and they did it to stay. The main catalyst that made this possible was the development of better batteries. This made the classic vacuum cleaners gain autonomy and mobility by not having to be attached to the current.

Powerful motors, although less heavy, made the vacuum cleaner par excellence. Unified the power of a vacuum cleaner with the maneuverability and lightness of a broom.

Undoubtedly a new concept of a vacuum cleaner or broom depending on how you look at its ideal for cleaning and daily maintenance. A useful appliance, convenient to use, and easy to store as it takes up very little space.

If you are considering buying a vacuum cleaner or you think that it is time to renew the one you have at home, you are in luck because our team of professionals is at your chucking to advise you. you have the necessary information to choose the vacuum cleaner that best suits your needs.

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What types of vacuum cleaners are there?

If you more or less already know what type of vacuum cleaner to choose, you can browse through our categories where you will find the best offer of vacuum cleaners on the market.

We pay great attention to the quality of the products in our catalog, always offering the best quality at the best prices.

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Sled vacuum cleaners

The classic vacuum cleaner is the most common of all. It is a generalist vacuum cleaner that is suitable for all environments.

These types of vacuum cleaners usually have enough power to perform the most demanding tasks with ease. They usually have a multitude of accessories to adapt to any type of floor and surface.

Sled vacuum cleaners

Over time, innovation in the sector has managed to develop ever lighter, more compact models that are easy to handle and store once they have completed their tasks.

Before deciding to buy a sled vacuum cleaner, we encourage you to visit our sled vacuum cleaner section, where we will guide you on the features of buying this type of vacuum cleaner. There we show you the most popular vacuum cleaners.

Broom vacuum cleaners

Stick vacuum cleaners or upright vacuum cleaners are gaining more and more popularity due to their compact design, comfort, lightness, and versatility.

 design, comfort, lightness, and versatility.

You can find models of corded or cordless broom vacuum cleaners thanks to the fact that they incorporate a rechargeable battery. Sometimes vertical vacuum cleaners have models called 2 in 1, fulfilling the function of a broom vacuum cleaner and that of a handheld vacuum cleaner thanks to its detachable structure.

This type of vacuum cleaner has established itself in many homes as the definitive daily cleaning element, replacing the classic vacuum cleaner, the broom, the dustpan, and sometimes even the mop at a stroke.

If you want to know more about the possibilities of broom vacuum cleaners, and you are thinking of buying a quality one at the best price.

Vacuum robots

Robot vacuum cleaners hit the market with a bang and they did it to stay. The idea is simple, the robot is in charge of cleaning the floor of the house autonomously to the point that one does not even have to worry about recharging it since it only goes to the recharging station when it detects that its battery running out.

Vacuum robots

While it is a great solution for daily cleaning maintenance, the robot will need some extra help as it is not as good at deep cleaning. There are limitations in its design since it cannot access corners, climb stairs, etc. However, reviews of some models of this type of vacuum cleaner indicate that many people are satisfied with this option despite its price.

If you want to explore more in-depth about robot vacuum cleaners, or even if you are thinking of purchasing one, we encourage you to visit our section dedicated to these domestic robots.

Handheld vacuum cleaners

Handheld vacuum cleaners are without a doubt the most versatile type of vacuum cleaner. They are capable of solving big problems when variable activity comes into play, be it in the car, or simply cleaning between the sofa cushions.

Handheld vacuum cleaners

Handheld vacuums are easy to use. They offer a quick and efficient solution and are capable of going where others can not.

Among the aspects that we recommend taking into account before buying a handheld vacuum cleaner are the power, the weight, and the type of connectivity it has. especially if you plan to plug it into the car, of course, the battery.

Go through our handheld vacuum cleaners section where we will show you a selection of what in our opinion are the best handheld vacuum cleaners today.

Industrial vacuum cleaners

Industrial vacuum cleaners or also called wet and dry vacuum cleaners are an interesting alternative due to their versatility. These vacuum cleaners are perfectly suited to almost any type of situation.

Industrial vacuum cleaners

They are robust and powerful devices ideal for indoors and outdoors. Generally, their design and materials allow industrial vacuum cleaners to take on almost any task.

If you are thinking of buying an all-terrain vacuum cleaner, we invite you to take a look at our dedicated section. You can find the best industrial vacuum cleaners, always with the best guarantee and prices.

What should I consider before buying a cordless broom vacuum cleaner?

To begin with, it is necessary to bear in mind that the concept of the vertical vacuum cleaner does not emerge as a substitute for the sled vacuum cleaner. This point is especially relevant if we are considering vacuuming large surfaces.

The broom vacuum cleaner is designed for the daily cleaning of dust and crumbs. It is rather a compliment that allows you to maintain daily household cleaning without the hassle of having to deploy typical means when vacuuming the house with a vacuum cleaner. It also serves as a perfect complement to the robot vacuum cleaner, comfortably reaching places where robots cannot.

Bearing these considerations in mind, below we present what we consider to be the main features when buying a cordless broom vacuum cleaner.

1. Autonomy of operation

Technological advances in recent years as batteries have allowed the operating autonomy of broom vacuum cleaners to increase significantly. In some cases reaching up to 30 minutes with the device at maximum power and being able to stretch up to 45 minutes of operation by regulating the power.

However, there is a wide range of vacuum devices on the market. Sometimes in the cheapest models, there is a detriment in the autonomy of the device. This is why we recommend looking closely at the range of autonomy at maximum power to make an informed decision on the type of vacuum cleaner that suits us.

2. The power

Closely related to the previous point is the power we need. Since sometimes the manufacturers of cheaper models increase the autonomy at maximum power, reducing the maximum power of the vacuum cleaner. Of course, it is not very useful to have a vacuum cleaner with a lot of autonomy. If at the moment of truth, it does not aspire.

When choosing an upright vacuum cleaner, we recommend taking into account the balance between the maximum power of the device and its autonomy.

3. Filters

Vacuum Cleaner filter

There are different types of filters on the market, and each vacuum cleaner has its own. At this point, we are not going to do well so much on the type of filter but on the ability to extract itclean it, and dry it.

Keep in mind that, the filter is the barrier that prevents dirt from returning to the environment, and that is why it is important to be able to clean it easily. Remember that there are spare parts on the market and that the price is not excessive.

4. The weight of the Vacuum Cleaner

Undoubtedly one of the main advantages of a vertical vacuum cleaner over a conventional vacuum cleaner is its maneuverability and comfort when using it. This is why the weight of a broom vacuum cleaner cannot be excessive since it would detract points from one of its main advantages.

Each person has to assess according to their parameters what is a heavy vacuum cleaner. There are no written rules in this regard, but based on our experience, when working with a vacuum cleaner. We consider that an acceptable weight should not be more than 3 kilograms.

5. Robustness

Vacuum cleaners are battle appliances, and as such, they have to be made of solid and robust materials that allow the vacuum cleaner to make the most of itself without the danger of parts breaking at the slightest change.

It may be the case that the materials chosen make it possible to reduce the weight of the vacuum cleaner at the expense of making it more susceptible to breakage. From our perspective, you must give priority to a robust design that guarantees a long life for the appliance and can pay off the investment you have made in it.

6. Versatility

One of the most interesting features of many stick vacuum cleaners is the so-called 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner. These vacuum cleaners have a modular design that allows them to function as a suction broom or as a handheld vacuum ideal for use in the car or between the sofa cushions. This versatility must be accompanied by robust materials and a solid structure since modular designs tend to suffer from gaps and misalignments.

7. Load speed

Without a doubt, the charging time is important, especially if the vacuum cleaner does not have much autonomy. One of the conditions that we will want to avoid at all costs is a vacuum cleaner with little autonomy and that takes a long time to load.

Heat shortens the useful life of all lithium batteries, which forces manufacturers to slow down the charging process to avoid overheating, however, there are many models with different charging times, and without a doubt, you have to choose the one that suits you best. better fit your interests.

8. Replaceable batteries

Like mobile phones, there are models of cordless vacuum cleaners whose battery is removable and easily exchangeable if at any time it begins to fail. Therefore, we recommend taking this feature into account, as it can be very practical depending on the type of battery used by our vacuum broom.

9. Vacuum Cleaner Accessories

One of the most interesting features of these vacuum cleaners is their versatility and their ability to reach places where the others do not, so it is important to take into account that the vacuum cleaners have accessories that allow them to adapt to different surfaces and elements of our home. such as wooden floors, corner carpets, long etcetera.

10. Valuable

If you are one of the people who think that cheap is expensive in the long run, with these vacuum cleaners you are not wrong. It is clear that higher and better features prices increase and if you are looking for quality you should consider making a significant investment in the range of 700 euros. That is if you are not going to regret your purchase.

There are intermediate ranges that, without being the leading brands in the sector, are of great quality and at lower prices. And as in almost everything, we strongly recommend not buying the cheapest ones on the market because they will surely be a disappointment.

We hope that this article has helped you to know what to look for if you have decided to buy an upright vacuum cleaner. Next, we show you a selection of the best-valued vacuum cleaners this 2023, where we hope you can find the one that best suits what you are looking for.