When choosing a vacuum cleaner for the home, it is essential to take into account details such as the dimensions of the spaces, the accessories, and the type of floor. Find out how to choose the best.

Vacuum cleaners are very useful tools for cleaning and home maintenance. Not only do they allow you to optimize time when doing chores, but they are a great option for removing dirt that is in places that are difficult to access. Do you know how to choose one?

Currently, there are many varieties on the market and your choice depends on the needs at home. For example, it will be necessary to take into account the dimensions of the spaces, whether they have pets, and the type of floor surface, among others.

Considering that many have not yet chosen one, today we want to review the most important features and some recommendations for your purchase. Do not miss it!

Tips for choosing the best vacuum cleaners

The vacuum cleaners that are available in the market seek to meet the needs of each person in their home. Therefore, when purchasing one, a series of doubts may arise regarding its characteristics. What should I take into account to choose the best?

Power and suction

One of the aspects that you should consider when purchasing a vacuum cleaner is related to its power and suction capacity. Some believe that the higher the power, the better the suction, but in reality, they are very different things.

The power is measured in watts and is usually between 1400 and 2200W; however, high power is not synonymous with a better cleaning result. So, beyond the watts, you have to take into account what your outgoing suction power is.

Otherwise, the appliance may fall short when it comes to cleaning those less accessible spaces. The chosen power may vary depending on the surfaces to be cleaned, the size of the spaces, and other factors.


Another important detail in vacuum cleaners is the filters. Some do not have this feature. However, it is an advisable detail for people who tend to have allergies, since they serve to trap allergens that are not always visible to the naked eye.


Do you have pets at home? Pet hair can cause a blockage in the tank of vacuum cleaners and even get tangled in the motors. If this is the case, the device must have the capacity to suck up large quantities.

Noise and details

To avoid discomfort due to excess noise, you should look for those vacuum cleaners that have less than 70 dB of noise. Other details that could be looked at include cable length, wheels, heads, accessories, etc.

Weight and ease of transport

It is essential to think about the dimensions of the house when purchasing any vacuum cleaner. This tool will have to be transported around almost every corner, therefore, the ideal is to opt for the one that moves more easily depending on the space.

Tank capacity

The capacity of the bag or container is also important in all vacuum cleaners. Choosing one whose deposit is large can have an advantage since you will not have to empty it every time. Many current models have a pilot light that comes on when there is little space left.

Security systems

The most modern vacuum cleaners have security systems that make their use more practical. For example, some warn when the filter is saturated or when it requires a bag change. There are also thermal safety, wheel protection, and detection when the deposit is defective.

Types of vacuum cleaners

The last tip to making a good choice of vacuum cleaners is to know in advance what varieties are on the market. Below we review the advantages and disadvantages of the most common.

Bagged vacuum cleaners

They are traditional vacuum cleaners. They have a rigid structure whose interior contains bags that may or may not be disposable. Sometimes they are complemented by a water tank to prevent dust from floating in the air.

Bagged vacuum cleaners

  • Advantages: they are versatile and can be used on almost all surfaces.
  • Disadvantages: They are very heavy and can be difficult to handle due to the length of the tube and the cable.

Broom vacuum cleaners

It is a very easy-to-use vacuum cleaner. Due to its broom shape and vertical position, it is very versatile and comfortable.

Broom vacuum cleaners

  • Advantages: There are rechargeable and cable. They weigh less and are easier to move around the house.
  • Disadvantages: Their deposit capacity is lower and they are noisier.


The classic steam vacuum is still a favorite, as it prevents dust from being raised when cleaning. Its power is complemented by the force of water vapor and, therefore, it facilitates the elimination of residues on many surfaces.

  • Advantages: Deep cleans tiles, curtains, and carpets.
  • Disadvantages: They are very expensive.

Handheld vacuum cleaners

These types of vacuum cleaners are more of a complement to other vacuum cleaners. Since they are more portable, they allow you to clean shelves, furniture, and other areas where traditional vacuum cleaners do not reach. They are rechargeable and, instead of a bag, they have a deposit.

Handheld vacuum cleaners

  • Advantages: They are perfect for cleaning the smallest corners of the house. They can be moved over high surfaces or furniture. They also make cleaning cars easier.
  • Disadvantages: They do not have much capacity, since their deposits are smaller. In addition, its power level is minimal and its autonomy the same.

Vacuum cleaner robot

They have been on the market for a short time and have conquered the public. They are highly recommended for those who have little time to clean since they work alone. Due to technological advances, they are becoming more efficient and interesting.

Vacuum cleaner robot

  • Advantages: They consume little electricity and do not need the management of a person.
  • Disadvantages: They are usually round and therefore do not reach the corners.

Do you want to streamline cleaning tasks in your home? If so, choose the vacuum cleaner that most appeal to you right now. Seek advice in the store to choose a vacuum brand and price that suits what you are looking for.