Would you know how to choose the best rice cooker for your kitchen? Don’t worry, at the home advice, we have thought of you. We give you all the keys so that you succeed with your purchase.

What is a rice cooker? For what do you use it?

A rice cooker is a specific pot for cooking rice. It has a container, where you must pour the rice; and a second tank to which water is added. On the control panel, you must select the program you prefer to achieve the doneness you want. However, do not think that it only serves to cook the rice without overdoing it. It also works well for the following:

  • Prepare a rice soup or rice soup.
  • Cook a traditional stew.
  • Cook vegetables.
  • Steam cooking.

What types of rice cookers are there?

Everything will depend on your needs and the model that best fits them. The types of rice cookers at your disposal are the following:

  • Electric. You can regulate the temperature with a thermostat. The resistance of its base heats the water and cooks the rice.
  • It includes a control panel that allows you to select the program you prefer.
  • Thanks to a processor, it controls the temperature reached during cooking and resting. Thus, what you prepare will always be at the ideal temperature.
  • It is used in catering establishments, especially those specializing in Asian cuisine.
  • gas The burner at its base generates the necessary heat to cook the ingredients.
  • Manual or for the microwave oven. In the same product, water and rice are included. The holes in its lid allow steam to escape and guarantee the right point of humidity.

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5 Keys to Choosing the best rice cooker

It is time to choose both the type and other vitally important characteristics. Review carefully the following features that will help you buy the best electric cooker or rice cooker.


At a minimum, it should support 0.8 liters, and at most, 6. We will give you some advice to make it easier for you to choose one. If you want to prepare rice for four people, you will need a rice cooker with a maximum capacity of 2 liters.


It is in line with your ability. The minimum power is 200W, and 2-liter rice cookers are around 900 W. Everything will depend on the model you prefer. The most appropriate thing is to choose a medium power, since, surely, you will also use the rice cooker for other dishes.


Look at the ideal functionalities to buy a more effective product that allows you to get the most out of it:

  • The texture adjustment. No one like you knows what texture you prefer when eating rice. That you can choose it is extra to take into account.
  • The option to reheat the corresponding preparation. Certain models allow you to reheat the recipe up to a day after its completion. In addition, you will ensure that the dish maintains its flavor and that it does not dry out too much.
  • Make it a multicooker. Why are you going to buy an appliance to cook a single ingredient? Since you invest, bet on versatility and the possibility of preparing all kinds of recipes.
  • The maintenance of temperature. It is a vitally important function. It guarantees that until you open the lid, the ingredients will be at the perfect temperature.
  • Safety. It is one of the key points because you can forget to unplug or turn off the rice cooker. The automatic switch-off is so that the appliance turns off when it detects that there are no ingredients to cook.


Although all rice cookers have an insulating outer cover, an element that generates heat, a removable tray, and a glass lid that guarantees ventilation, you can always use some accessories that will help you cook better. Here are some proposals!

  • Measuring cups make it easier for you to know the exact amount of rice or other ingredients.
  • Spoons, spatulas, and forks to move ingredients with ease.

Cleaning mode

Although all rice cookers are cleaned similarly, to carry out the process, yours must have the following characteristics:

  • That the containers are easily removed.
  • That the interior is made of a non-stick material to make it easier to remove food remains.
  • The casing must be cool to the touch and made of a material that will not leave fingerprints or alter when exposed to a standard cleaner.

If you want to clean your rice cooker, you should start by unplugging it. Then, remove the main bucket and fill it with hot water. Use a soft sponge and soap (avoid the dishwasher). Gently rub. You can clean the outside with a damp cloth. Let the rice cooker dry well and reassemble it.

Surely now you are clearer about the characteristics of the best rice cooker. The model you choose must combine the functionalities explained and, also, present an adequate balance between price and quality. Only then will you make your investment the most appropriate? Get ready to cook rice better than ever and put your creativity to the test. You will surely surprise your relatives.