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5 things you should know before buying your kitchen cookware

A healthy and adequate diet for the family does not consist only of food, quantity, and timing. It also includes the methods of cooking and the materials with which the food comes into contact. Did you know that not all foods retain their properties if they are cooked in one material or another? Or that they can even change their flavor […]

Good brand of Midea microwave ovens

Midea is an international home appliance manufacturing company. Founded in 1968 in Guangzhou province, China it specialized in manufacturing small white goods such as air conditioners. In 2009, the company increased its participation in the item with the presence of refrigerators, washers, dryers, and stoves, among other appliances. Midea microwave ovens have […]

Good brand of Galanz microwave ovens

Galanz Enterprises is an internationally popular Chinese home appliance company. Founded in 1978 by Liang Qingde, in the beginning, it sold duck feathers and in 1993 it joined a partnership with Toshiba to produce microwave ovens, thereby consolidating the largest manufacturing center for these electrical appliances in the world.

In […]

How to clean a stainless steel water bottle?

If you have noticed a strange smell or you have added a different liquid to the water such as coffee with milk or juice, to enjoy your bottle again on the first day you just have to clean it. In this post, we show how you clean steel water bottles. Don’t miss

5 points to keep in mind when buying a rice cooker

I am 33 years old and probably 32 of them eat rice almost every day, most of the time cooked in a rice cooker. Why so much rice? Well, because I’m from Cuba and there we are a lot of rice.

With the above, I just want to tell you that I know something about […]

How to Clean Stainless Steel Appliances

If you don’t know how to clean stainless steel appliances, then today we will teach you how to do it easily. I remember when fingerprints and water stains decorated the surfaces of my dishwasher, oven, and refrigerator. Stainless steel!

Adding insult to injury are harsh chemical cleaners that promise to return our stainless steel appliances […]

The 8 biggest mistakes we make with the Modern dishwashers

It is beyond doubt that it is better to use modern dishwashers than to wash appliances by hand. But it is important not to make mistakes to save energy, and money and also to protect the environment.

Is it more efficient to wash dishes by hand or in the dishwasher? Although many will never […]

What is the Best microwave oven brands in United States?

Ever since the engineer Percy Spencer accidentally discovered the first microwave in 1945, this appliance has been a part of the kitchens of practically every home. And today there are so many models that we are going to help you choose. Today we will analyze the best microwave oven brands that you can find in America to make the best decision.

What are the best materials for Pots and pans?

To cook well it is essential not only to choose the ingredients carefully. Also, use the right tools, and resistant pans made with safe materials which guarantee uniform cooking. Given that the offer is very wide today, it may not be immediate at the time of purchase. To understand which is the best materials for pans and pots and which […]

What is the best Thermos of 2022?

It is not a wonderful phenomenon that our drinks, after a while, get too cold or too hot. For convenience and practicality, thermos flasks were invented. This gives us the possibility of protecting any type of liquid at the temperature at which it is poured into these insulating jars.

Nowadays, these containers have become so […]

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