How to choose the best ceramic cookware? Purchase advice

In the kitchen, it is essential to have the best tools for preparing our food in the best possible way. Among the indispensable items, that cannot be missing in the kitchen, there are certainly pots. However, we can easily separate them by their various shapes, models, sizes, and materials.

It can be very difficult to choose the type of […]

How to have a clean kitchen in 7 easy steps

Do you want to have a clean kitchen in 7 very simple steps? We know that the kitchen is one of the most difficult places to clean in the home. Many homeowners don’t know how to start cleaning this area, as this is where things get dirty the fastest. For this reason, today in Express Cleaning we bring you these tips so that […]


Wash, We all hate it. while most pots and pans can be put in the dishwasher, unfortunately, that’s not an option with your rice cooker. So if you’ve been scratching your head and wondering ” what is the best way to clean a rice cooker “, then I have 3 amazing tricks I use to get great results without spending hours scrubbing in the […]

6 Ways to Clean a Bad Smell From a Water Bottle

Stainless steel thermoses have become an indispensable part of modern life. They keep coffee hot on the go, keep the kids’ juice cool while they’re at school, bring lemonade to the beach in the summer, and keep chocolate hot when you’re looking for a Christmas tree. With so much use they can get quite dirty and sometimes harbor odors from old […]

How to wash a stainless steel bottle

Cleaning a stainless steel bottle is a subject that raises doubts because, as you may already know, and if not, here we clarify it: it is not recommended to use a dishwasher. Stainless steel bottles have to be washed by hand. We explain in more detail the best way to wash these types of bottles.

Fill […]

Buying a frying pan: The 10 most frequent mistakes you should avoid

More than half of the people who buy a frying pan end up disappointed with the chosen model. Sometimes, they realize as soon as they take them out of the packaging that they have made a mistake. Other times, after a few days of using them in the kitchen.

Why is this happening?

What are the best vacuum cleaner brands?

Choosing the best vacuum cleaner is not an easy task. There are so many options on the market, with different features and prices. Therefore, a good way to choose is to select a trusted brand, which offers a quality guarantee. 

Which is the best brand? 

It depends on the type of vacuum cleaner you […]

Tips for choosing a soymilk maker

We put forward the simple and easy soymilk maker purchasing skills and the critical questions for choosing soymilk makers. We are focusing on the basic situation of the top 10 soymilk maker purchasing skills. The weatherman, through the survey data, chose a soymilk maker with six tips for purchasing is explained in detail. People spend a lot of time collecting and […]

Meet the best brands in stainless steel pans that are competing in the market

Stainless steel pans are already a classic in the kitchen. They cook efficiently due to the raw material used in their manufacture, as they distribute heat very well. Also, they are non-stick.

Executing recipes effectively, in addition to requiring exact and strict compliance with the indicated steps, also requires the ideal tools to […]

How to clean the inner pot of the rice cooker?

How to clean the dirt inside the rice cooker?

The aluminum inner pot can be soaked in hot water before brushing. The inner pot will be corroded by the action of alkali or acid, resulting in black spots, which can be cleaned with decontamination powder or soaked in vinegar, and then removed overnight. […]

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