How to clean the inner pot of the rice cooker?

How to clean the dirt inside the rice cooker?

The aluminum inner pot can be soaked in hot water before brushing. The inner pot will be corroded by the action of alkali or acid, resulting in black spots, which can be cleaned with decontamination powder or soaked in vinegar, and then removed overnight. […]

Rice cooker cleaning tips and tricks, clean as new and super simple

There is a saying, “Disease comes from the mouth”. As a household appliance for daily cooking, the cleaning of rice cookers should not be underestimated. We often limit ourselves to wiping the outer shell and cleaning the liner, allowing stains in other parts to take advantage.

The most important thing is that the […]

2022 Recommended Rice Cookers- Detailed Explanation

Recommended rice cookers: 31 rice cookers are detailed, including 12 of the most popular Zojirushi rice cookers. The factors that need to be considered when purchasing a rice cooker are introduced in detail. If you want to cook a pot of sweet and delicious rice, you must master the operation of “steaming”. The most traditional cooking method relies on the skill and experience of […]

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