I am 33 years old and probably 32 of them eat rice almost every day, most of the time cooked in a rice cooker. Why so much rice? Well, because I’m from Cuba and there we are a lot of rice.

With the above, I just want to tell you that I know something about what to look for in a good rice cooker.

I’m more of the classic ones, those with a single download button, but nowadays, there are many with many options and there is one, in particular, that is tempting me. But I’ll leave that one to comment on another occasion.

And without further ado, take note of the points we should pay attention to if we want to buy an electric rice cooker.

6-in-1 Stainless Steel Multi Cooker,

Capacity is the first point to consider when buying a rice cooker

How much rice do you eat, and how many people eat it on each occasion? If you only have to cook for yourself with a 0.6-liter rice cooker, you probably have it. But if you are part of a family of 4 eaters, like my cousins, then it will be very short.

The number of servings depends on the amount of rice eaten, that is clear, but to guide you, it is assumed that the 0.6-liter rice cooker is enough for three servings (for my taste, small servings, like a bird)

If you only want the rice cooker to make white rice, that also matters. Because if you dare to use it for various rice dishes, as I do, then you will need a slightly larger one.

And be careful with the space, the more capacity, the bigger the equipment, the more space it occupies. So you should also take this into account when buying a rice cooker.

In short, a single person has enough with 0.6 liters. A family of more than 3 members would go for larger capacities, such as 1.8 liters.

Now, if you are part of those large families that are having a meeting at the minimum and you have 10-12 people invited to eat at the same time, then you will have to leave for capacities of even 3 L.

6-in-1 Stainless Steel Multi Cooker,

Auto power off

All the rice cookers I’ve owned, three so far, have had auto shut off. So I was surprised to see that some rice cookers didn’t. I think it is a feature that you should value.

When we buy electrical equipment, we do it in a certain way to automate processes in this case. We have to be aware of when the rice is, the truth is that I don’t see much difference from doing it in a normal pot.

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Quality of rice cooker materials

Note that, quality materials predominate, such as stainless steel, and that if the exterior is made of plastic (frequently), it is also perceived as quality.

Many rice cookers are white and believe me, you will not want poor-quality plastic with that color. After a short time, it will have an unpleasant yellowish hue.

Keep warm function

I love warm, soft, freshly cooked rice, but that texture is hard to maintain with a regular pot. In rice cookers, this issue is solved with the Keep Warm function, which does just that it keeps the rice at its point until you go to eat it.

If possible, try to make your pot have this function ( almost all, if not all, have it ).


This is essential in a rice cooker. You do not want rice stuck to the bottom, and you have to soak the inner pot to be able to scrub it properly.

There are many types of non-stick. The famous Teflon is very common, although others, such as ceramics, can offer you a greater guarantee.

Evaluate the type of nonstick of your future rice cooker, and the higher quality, the better.

Ready to buy your rice cooker?

With the above, you are aware of the most important points that we must look at when buying a rice cooker.

Yes, I tell you that I am a little envious of you. Receive your first rice cooker and cook the first rice in it, see how it turned out… yes, I know we’re not talking about anything transcendental, but it’s those little details that make you happy one day.

If it is a rice cooker, they brighten your day and make your life easier afterward. You already know that if you want any more recommendations on the best rice cookers you can buy, you have us here.