Ever since the engineer Percy Spencer accidentally discovered the first microwave in 1945, this appliance has been a part of the kitchens of practically every home. And today there are so many models that we are going to help you choose. Today we will analyze the best microwave oven brands that you can find in America to make the best decision.

To finish, we will give you some tips so that you can safely use a microwave and extend its useful life as much as possible.

Best microwave oven brands

These are the best microwave brands according to users and experts:

1 – Daewoo (Winia)

Winia WKOC9Q4DS Microwaves, Stainless Steel

For a few years, the company of the South Korean group Dayou/Winia distributes the Daewoo brand changed the name of its appliances, and Daewoo was replaced by the Winia brand. The company is now called Winia Daewoo Electronics or Winia Electronics Mexico.

It is a very important company in the industry of small and large electrical appliances. And millions of users around the world ratified the quality of its products and especially in terms of value for money. The great thing about Daewoo microwaves is that they are usually very easy and practical to use, whether they are with or without a grill.

As for the technical aspects of these microwaves, they have a digital control panel and a manual numerical panel. The latter is a very important aspect if its use is going to be for the whole family. Depending on the model, they have between six and ten predetermined cooking programs and the option to defrost by time and weight. The power can range between 1050 and 1500 watts. Its weight is usually ten kilos.

2 – Samsung

Samsung MS14K6000AS/AA MS14K6000 Speed-Cooking-Microwave-ovens

The Samsung company has always been highly coveted for its electronic gadgets. And it is today, a very consolidated brand in both large and small appliances. Samsung never stops innovating, its mobile devices are well known. But it has a large assortment of microwaves for all tastes and pockets.

Samsung microwaves are, for the most part, prepared to defrost food quickly, without having to worry about checking the time every minute. A very good advantage is that they have a ceramic coating that does not absorb moisture, odors, or flavors. Some models even have an energy-saving system.

In this case, some models have an LED display and a manual numeric panel. Before buying a Samsung microwave, you should pay attention to its weight. Because it can range between 13 and 16 kilos, ideal for large families.

3 – LG

LG Electronics LMC2075ST NeoChef 2.0' Cu. Countertop Microwave

The company has also been a leader in home appliances and mobile technology for many years. It has a wide range of microwaves with or without a grill, which is equipped with many functionalities and can create different dishes in a matter of minutes.

In the international ranking, LG microwaves were ranked sixth with a reliability of 94% in user surveys. They are usually a little more expensive than other brands, but they are an excellent option in terms of design-quality price.

Unlike the previous ones, the vast majority of LG microwaves have a completely electronic control panel (Touch Control Panel) and are prepared to save as much light as possible, so they are environmentally more advisable.

They have an antibacterial coating and are easy to clean. The interior light is LED. The weight of LG microwaves varies between 13 and 14 kilos.

4 – Mabe

MEI2570DVSB 25L Digital Microwave Oven

It is one of the largest appliance manufacturers in the Americas. It offers a wide range of quality private label products with good design and practicality for the home.

This company was located in Mexico City in 1946 and grew rapidly, becoming one of the largest exporters of household appliances. Mabe has managed to position itself alongside manufacturers of the highest quality. But their prices do not suffer and they are very accessible.

Mabe microwaves are made with top-quality materials, such as stainless steel. Their designs are very intuitive and easy to use. Its design is usually modern and practical. The good thing about their microwaves is that they have an ECO system since they save energy because the display turns off if the appliance is not in use. They have different special programs to cook different dishes quickly and in the most practical way. His weight is between 10 and 12 kilos.

5 – General Electric

 GE JNM3163DJBB 1.6 cu. ft. Over-the-Range Microwave, Black

General Electric appliances are usually of high quality and last a long time. Their microwaves are ideal for a modern home since they have elegant models, but at the same time, they adapt to the needs of a family, saving money and time.

The downside is that you can’t look for a wide variety of designs, and the prices are usually higher than microwaves from other brands. But, on the other hand, that extra expense will allow you to enjoy an appliance almost for life…

Most GE models usually have an electronic display. Another common feature is its mirror finish. And his weight fluctuates between 14 and 18 kilos. Everything will depend on whether you are looking for a microwave for a small or extended family.

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6 – Panasonic

Panasonic Microwave Oven NN-SN686S Stainless Steel Countertop

This company has great weight in the world of household appliances. Since it was founded in 1918, it has spread throughout the world.

One drawback to Panasonic microwaves is that they are imported. So its price is usually higher than that of other national models. The vast majority are made of stainless steel, which, although it is ideal for the manufacture of these appliances, raises the price quite a bit.

As a general rule, Panasonic microwaves have a control panel that has between 7 and 14 food preparation options. And something extremely good is that they include a security system so that children cannot open the appliance. Some Panasonic microwaves have an inverter technology system (that is, they cook in less time, so energy is saved). The touch display is a good part of the device. And the weight varies between 14 and 17 kilos.

7 – Oster

Oster Air Fryer Oven, 10-in-1 Countertop Toaster Oven Air Fryer Combo

It is an international home appliance company with more than 90 years of experience. And in all this time it continues to innovate and make new products known. The brand has different microwave models at affordable prices and with simple designs. They are usually much lighter than other microwaves since their weight varies between 500 grams and 11 kilos. They are usually very easy to use, their display is electronic and they have about six food cooking programs.

8 – Frigidaire


It is a consumer and commercial appliance company, founded in Fort Wayne, Indiana. It was the creator of the first self-contained refrigerator in 1916. Frigidaire was acquired by the Electrolux group, its current parent, since the year 1986.

Microwaves of this brand. Its sensors can automatically adjust the power levels and the cooking time of your dishes, to cook a wide variety of foods, effortlessly. Some even have an easy start option so you can cook quickly with just one touch. And if you are not convinced by the preparation, you can add 30 more seconds of cooking with the push of a button. The weight ranges between 16 and 22 kilos since the brand manufactures microwaves for all needs and all types of families.

9 – Whirlpool

Whirlpool Silver Countertop Microwave Oven 0.5 Cu Ft

Whirlpool company is an American company that manufactures all kinds of household appliances. It is the largest in the world in terms of units sold. Although it is a brand specializing in large household appliances, it also has a wide range of microwave ovens. From conventional models to other low-profile options, ideal for placing in low-rise furniture.

Whirlpool microwave oven designs are modern, elegant, and easy to combine in all types of kitchens. They are powerful and easy to use. Because there are so many models to choose from. You can find designs that feature a state-of-the-art LCD digital display or models with an electronic button display.

The cooking options vary between 6 and 25 programs to prepare food. In addition, its defrost function can be used both by time and by weight. His weight varies between 12 and 17 kilos.

10 – Galanz

Galanz GLCMKA07RDR-07 Microwave Oven

This is a Chinese company that is currently the largest producer of microwave ovens in the world. Galanz has entered the list of the best home appliance manufacturers in China many times.

The brand has very innovative and technological microwaves, with modern designs and top quality. You can even find multifunctional models, which offer up to 4 products in 1, such as a microwave, air fryer, convection oven, and toaster oven. But this is not the most surprising thing, since they also have Totalfry 360 Technology: many of their models can air fry food with little or no oil for healthier cooking. The weight varies between 10 and 20 kilos, depending on the number of utilities you are looking for.

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Other brands

We want you to be able to compare as many microwave oven brands as possible, so here are some other excellent quality options:

  • Teak
  • Electrolux
  • Kenmore
  • Bosch
  • Westinghouse
  • Black and Decker
  • Frigilux
  • Xiaomi
  • Toshiba

Types of microwave ovens

There are four types of microwaves: without a grill, with a grill, combined, and convection. Each of them has characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages that we will explain below.

Without grill

Price:  $1,500 – $7,000.

The price varies according to the model, brand, manufacturing materials, and power.

This type of microwave oven is the most basic of all. These are very simple and inexpensive devices. So you can’t ask for much effort. Microwaves without a grill usually have three main functions: they heat, defrost, and cook food.

They have cheap prices.
It’s easy to use.
They allow you to heat simple dishes quickly.
They are somewhat more limited when it comes to cooking.
They do not usually exceed 1000 watts (1000 w).

With grill

Price:  $3,000 – $7,000.

Prices vary according to power, brand, and capacity.

Its function is similar to microwaves without a grill, but with the difference that they include resistance in the upper part, thanks to which different foods can be grilled, browned, or roasted. Normally the grill function and the heating function can be used both simultaneously and separately, but not all microwaves with a grill have this feature. Microwaves with grills are the best sellers.

It allows heating food more slowly so that its appearance is golden and crispy.
Avoid having to use the oven.
It can be defrosted by weight and time.
It greatly reduces cooking times and speeds up cooking.
Food loses fewer nutrients in the cooking process.
Less risk of burns (ideal for cooking with children).
The maximum power can reach 1,200 W..
The price is a little higher than a microwave without a grill.
Although it has a grill function, it is still a microwave, in terms of performance and power (it is not an oven).
They are less efficient than an oven if you want to cook large foods.

Convection or combined

Price:  $5,000 – $17,000.

The low-end ones have less capacity, in addition to being simple designs. The high-end ones have great power, capacity, and innovative designs with greater functionality.

Convection microwaves have a fan through which hot air circulates inside, ensuring that the heat is distributed evenly. They can also include a grill, or the crisp function (the microwave has a metal tray or grid) to give our dishes a crispy touch.

If you have little space in the kitchen, you no longer have to suffer to buy an oven and a microwave, because the convection models will solve that dilemma.

Faster cooking.
Better tasting foods.
They do just about any cooking task imaginable.
Distribute heat evenly
They can have a power of 2300 W
Much higher price than other microwaves.

Consider before buying the best microwave oven

When buying appliances for the kitchen of a house, the microwave is one of the essentials.

I assure you that this small appliance can be used much more than to heat milk for breakfast, leftovers for dinner, or a Tupperware in your office. You will be able to cook all kinds of food with it and you will be able to get a lot of use out of it.

But, before buying a microwave, you must be very clear about what you need and everything that is included in the model you choose.

In summary, the main characteristics of a microwave are:

  • Speed: in just a few minutes the food can be heated.
  • Time-saving: while you heat your food you can do any other task or just rest.
  • Energy saving: if you compare the consumption of a microwave concerning a conventional oven, the former consumes much less.

So when you go to buy a microwave, you must pay attention to the following details to ensure that you choose the best one for you and your family.

  • Location and size: You must take into account the place where you are going to place the microwave. And if it is going to be integrated, check the measurements. The desktop ones are independent appliances that do not need any installation, only a close connection with a plug and good ventilation, you just have to place them on a non-slip surface.
  • Capacity: The higher the capacity, the larger the microwave. The capacity is usually measured in liters, which usually range between 17 and 30 liters. This capacity will allow you to heat food in a dish or a plate, depending on its size.
  • Material: There are microwaves made of different materials, but if you are looking for the highest quality, stainless steel is the best. Since it has a very modern look and its interior is very easy to clean. Moreover, it does not rust. You must pay attention to the fact that it is stainless steel because many are made of polished or painted aluminum. There are anti-fingerprint stainless steel ones, which are much better since you won’t have to worry about the fingerprints that may remain on their exterior.
  • Power: The most basic microwaves (without a grill) usually have power between 700 and 1000 W. Those with a grill have a power of between  1,200 W  and 1,500 W. Convection microwaves are the most powerful and can reach 2,500 W.
  • Energy efficiency: it is very important that you also look at the energy efficiency of the microwave since, in the long run, it will be very beneficial to your electricity bill.
  • What use are you going to give it: If you are only going to heat some dishes or prepare breakfast, do not complicate your life and buy a basic microwave. But if you are looking for one to prepare dishes for the family, the ideal is to opt for a microwave with a grill or convection if you are looking for something more complete.

What materials can I use in a microwave?

The main thing when using a microwave is to know the cooking times of each of the food as well as the materials allowed within it. So we will show you what materials you can use without causing any damage to your equipment.

  • Plastic: There are multiple types of plastics on the market, we suggest you use those whose numbers are between 2, 4, and 5, they can withstand microwave temperatures, although the ideal would be to use silicone, on the other hand, we urge you to that you avoid the use of those plastics whose number is 7, it can be harmful to your health.
  • Aluminum: Aluminum is prohibited in the microwave. It can cause melting in the oven and, in the worst case, the electrical system of your home is seriously affected. So avoid putting aluminum pots and cutlery in the microwave.
  • Metal: just like aluminum, it can cause serious damage to your microwave and electrical system. So avoid all metallic materials such as pots, pans, cutlery, and the like to prepare food in the microwave.

Where to buy them in the USA?

There are multiple sites where you can buy your microwave. This is why we want to make sure that you make your purchase in a reliable and safe online store. If you look at prices you will realize that the savings of buying the product from a store physical to an online store are very high.

Amazon, they have a controlled infrastructure and logistics that allow them to receive products quickly and have discounts and offers. The best brands, at the best prices and with money-back guarantees if the product has a fault.