There is no doubt that the chef’s knife is the most important tool in the kitchen, but the bread knife is perhaps second or third in importance. A good bread knife should be able to cut through hard and soft bread without having to smash the bread. A good bread knife will last a lifetime if used correctly and if you care for it well. Many people also think that serrated bread knives cannot be sharpened, and this is not the case. Therefore, it is worth investing in something that will last a long time.

Most of the time, you don’t need to sharpen a bread knife regularly and it is not uncommon for several years to pass between them. For 2023, we have researched both independent test sources, product reviews, and customer reviews in the search for the best bread knife. As usual, it is knives from Global that stand out the most with both test sources and regular consumers. But is the most expensive bread knife always the best choice?

Victorinox bread knife 26 cm – Best in test

Victorinox Wavy Edge Bread Knife

  • 4.7 out of 5 at Amazon after 1,000 customer reviews
  • Best in a test at Mitt kök when they test 8 different bread knives

Victorinox is a very famous knife manufacturer from Switzerland and is known for producing top-class kitchen knives. Mostly they are known for providing/manufacturing knives for the army in Switzerland, but most famous for their popular Swiss Army knives.

The Victorinox kitchen knife is also known for its high quality and this is visible in the tests/reviews that are published online. Victorinox’s bread knife has, among other things, won best in the test when Mitt Kok tests bread knives.

Simple and stylish design

If there is something that speaks for the Victorinox bread knife, it is a simple and stylish design. The design/variant we have selected for this test is rosewood. But there are also other types of wood for this model and also plastic for those who like it. However, it is the same blade in all models.

We recommend choosing a model with a wooden handle, as the balance in the blade will be slightly better than in plastic.

If you are looking for a bread knife that is made of high quality and that is also not that expensive, then Victorinox is a very good choice for kitchen equipment.

The bread knife from Victorinox is mostly made for cutting bread. But many people also choose to use it on other occasions, such as cutting a tomato, cakes, melons, salads, and more. Because of its sharpness, the knife is also suitable for other areas than just bread.

Relatively cheap considering the quality
Stylish design with different types of wood
Good balance in the knife
Very sharp and a good length for cutting bread
Nothing negative

Global Bread knife 22 cm – Highly recommended

Global 22cm Bread Knife

  • Top rating at Mittkök when they tested 8 bread knives.
  • 4.1 out of 5 at US Amazon after 100 customer reviews.

Global knives never stop delivering top results in various tests or from all the customer reviews available at most online stores. on the other hand, Global knives are relatively expensive compared to other brands. But sometimes it’s worth spending extra cash to get the best one. After all, it’s a knife you can have for the rest of your life if you take care of it.

The Global knife has never been more popular than today

In recent years, most consumers have opened their eyes to this particular wonderful brand. The knives from Global have been praised by most professional chefs and even home cooks see the potential in the knives. Global bread knife of 22 cm is no exception, it is simply a first-class bread knife of the best quality.

Something we like about the bread knife is that there are two models, i.e. a model for left-handed and right-handed people. Something that is missing far too often when we look at other brands on the market.

With this bread knife, you can easily cut through even the hardest bread without it crumbling or the bread being pressed together. Even slightly softer bread is no problem for a Global knife. Each Global knife must go through three different sharpenings in Japan, where the last step is done in advance by a Master, i.e. a person who has 5-6 years of experience in sharpening knives.

The steel is top-class in the knife industry and the material used is Cromova 18, which is also specially developed only for Globalknivar. All Global knives also have a perfect balance between blade and handle, which is a big reason why the Swedish national chef team uses these knives.

Top rating at all Swedish stores that sell the knife
Manufactured by Cromova 18 which is unique to Globalknivar
Recommended by most professional chefs and home cooks
Used by the Swedish national chef team
Great balance between blade and handle
Nothing negative

Morakniv Classic 1891 Bread knife 24 cm – Classic design

Morakniv Classic 1891 Bread Knife

  • 4 out of 5 at Swedish Mitt kok in their test of bread knives.

The Morakniven is probably Sweden’s most famous knife of all time. This is a fantastic knife with good ergonomic properties. In short, it is a fantastic bread knife that has received all the best features from the original.

The Morakniven, the best-selling knife in Sweden

Most likely, the classic Morakniv knife is one of the types of knives that have been sold the most in Sweden over the years. But Morakniv is also very well known abroad and thus has an international knife brand.

Everything about this bread knife resembles the classic from 1891 and we are happy about that. However, something we see as an improvement is the protection the blade offers, you cannot slip over the blade on this model. In some cases, it is called a parer bar, but in this case, it is the high blade that acts as a parer bar.

If you’ve ever held a real classic Morakniv knife, you’ve probably liked the round handle, which provides fantastic ergonomics compared to other knives. Some like it, while others don’t. Something you can be sure of, however, is that you get the same feeling in this bread knife as the classic model.

Classic design that mimics the classic morakniv knife
Good ergonomics
Made by hand
Finger stop/bar for the fingers
Hardened steel according to Morakniv’s secret recipe.
Nothing negative

Satake Kuro bread knife 25 cm – Magnificent

Satake Kuro bread knife

  • Top ratings at Swedish stores from regular customers who tested the bread knife

The Kuro series of knives from the world-famous Satake is very popular among knife enthusiasts. If you want something unique with character, the Kuro series is an excellent choice. The bread knife from Satake has received excellent customer reviews, where customers highlight appearance and sharpness above all.

Handmade bread knife for those who prefer knives with character

Is there any necessity for a Japanese Damascus steel bread knife? Probably not. But we understand why many consumers fall more or less in love with the Satake Kuro knife series. The fantastic knife blade consists of 67 layers of VG-10 steel, which gives a stylish and unique finish to each knife.

When we read customer reviews on the bread knife, there are a few things that stand out. In addition to the unique design, the bread knife cuts like a samurai sword even if the bread has a hard crust.

The knife handle fits very well in the hand and provides good balance and stability. The handle is made of wood that has then been burned, which gives a lovely shine to the knife. A real craft that should be appreciated by many.

Another thing that distinguishes the bread knife is the pointed blade, which is significantly sharper than traditional bread knives or baker’s knives. Why we don’t know but maybe you will find good uses for the tip. Maybe when you have to cut large fruits or for baking.

The bread knife is also delivered in a nice wooden box where you can store the knife. However, we think that the knife should be at the front of the kitchen on the magnetic strip where it can be seen.

Wonderful blade in Japanese Damascus steel (67 layers)
The burnt wooden shaft gives a nice finish
Good balance between handle and blade
Sylva’s bread knife that can handle hard bread crust
The craftsmanship that surpasses most bread knives
Quite expensive for a bread knife

Wusthof Classic Bread Knife – 200 years of experience

Wusthof Classic Bread Knife

  • 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon DE from over 300 customer reviews
  • Top ratings for Swedish stores from regular consumer reviews

Now basically all knives from the famous Wusthof have received top marks, and their classic bread knife is no exception. On American Amazon alone, the model has an overall customer rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars after over 300 reviews. But even in Swedish stores, the model has received top marks from Swedish consumers who tested the bread knife.

Bread knife of German quality from the famous Wusthof

Wusthof is a well-known brand that has been in the business for over 200 years and produces knives for both professional and ordinary home chefs. But what makes Wusthof’s knives so popular?

In addition to the classic and popular European design, Wusthof manufactures its bread knives with their steel. The knife is made of hardened Wusthof steel, which gives a hardness of 58 HRC (Rockwell scale). The higher the degree of hardness, the more difficult and expensive it will be to manufacture the knife. The high degree of hardness also means that the bread knife keeps its sharpness longer. Now, this is not the hardest on the market but is at the upper end of what quality knives offer.

The handle is made of synthetic polypropylene that does not discolor, withstands heat, and is not sensitive to shocks. The Wusthof Classic is a solid bread knife that belongs in any kitchen, but be careful with your fingers because the knife is incredibly sharp. 

Something else that becomes clear when we read customer reviews is that many mention durability as something outstanding. As Wusthof has been in the business for so long, it is not unusual for consumers to use knives for several decades. Several consumers mention, among other things, that the bread knife has not needed to be sharpened in 30 years.

Classic and timeless European design
Manufactured from Wüsthof hardened steel
Synthetic handle that does not discolor or feel sensitive
The hardness level of 58 HRC (Rockwell scale)
Perfect balance between blade and handle
Nothing negative

Fiskars Norr bread knife 21 cm – Stylish, simple design

Fiskars Norr 1016480 Knife

Fiskars is usually a brand that most people see as a cheap alternative or a so-called budget brand. They sell a lot of cheap stuff but the fact is that many of their products perform very well in independent tests.

Great sharpness and design

Fiskars Norr bread knife, on the other hand, is a slightly more expensive model and is part of a larger series of knives from Fiskars. Fiskars Norr bread knife has also received a lot of positive reviews from existing customers and is a model/series specially developed to be a bit more luxurious than the traditional models from Fiskars.

The best thing about the Fiskars Norr series is its design and its fantastic ergonomics. According to us and others, Fiskars has hit a so-called “home run” in terms of design and grip. It has a simple design of the highest quality but at a relatively low price.

The blade of the bread knife is made of German steel of the highest quality and then the handle is made from Norwegian Kebony wood. Which is a type of wood such as pine or maple, which is then produced with residual products from sugar cane. In this way, it is possible to imitate wood species from South America, and we avoid destroying our beautiful rainforest.

A perfect little bread knife that can handle everything from freshly baked rolls to large baguettes, or the like.

The appropriate size of 21 cm, slightly smaller than most models
Stylish Scandinavian design
German steel and a handle made of Norwegian Kebony wood
Good ergonomics
Nothing negative

Buying guide – How to choose the best bread knife

Below we briefly review what you should consider when choosing a bread knife. Some features are not as important on a bread knife as on a chef’s knife/kitchen knife that will chop vegetables and so on.

But what characterizes a good bread knife? With a bread knife, you shouldn’t have to apply a lot of force to get through a hard crust. The teeth should be able to easily work their way through the crust just like a normal working saw.

Other features such as design and ergonomics are also considered two important features. When it comes to handles and grips, it varies quite a lot from model to model. The grip should be firm and there should be no risk of the hand slipping.

The sharpness of bread knives varies widely according to independent tests

Independent tests of bread knives have shown that sharpness varies quite widely from brand to brand. Especially cheap brands or models sold by stores with their names on them seem to deliver very poor sharpness. Some examples are ICA’s bread knife, Ahlens Bjorn Frantzen, Clas Ohlsson Coline, and others.

But not all low-priced bread knives perform poorly and we look at e.g. on models from IKEA and Fiskars, these perform well. However, they are not quite on par with what we see with well-known brands such as e.g. Global, Victorinox, or Morakniv.

If it is soft bread without any hard crust, any bread knife will work. But once the crust is hard, many knife models fail. The risk of poor sharpness is that you use an unnecessary amount of force and that something happens so that you risk cutting yourself. A sharp knife is the safest.

Balance and weight are not so important

If we look at ordinary chef’s knives, both balance, and weight are important factors for the knife to function effectively. With a bread knife, we do not set such high demands as it is used in a completely different way and not as often.

Instead, we claim that both sharpness and design are two of the most important aspects. But did you know that the bread knife is good for other things too? Try using the bread knife when slicing tomatoes or heads of lettuce.

Now a sharp chef’s knife should easily be able to cut through a tomato. But if you have a bad knife, you can try the bread knife instead. Although the bread knife is intended for bread, it is effective for other things as well.

Knife Sharpener for Bread Knives – Sharpening is possible although rarely done

A good bread knife should have slightly wider saw teeth so that it can be sharpened in a knife sharpener that can handle serrated knives. However, there are bread knives that have very small teeth (usually cheaper bread knives) and these are not intended to be sharpened at all.

Sharpening bread knives is thus not a major problem, but if you take care of your bread knife and do not mistreat it, it will not need sharpening for many years. As bread knives are not used as much as a classic chef’s knife, 5 years or more is not unusual before it needs sharpening.

However, be careful about your teeth because if you need to sharpen new teeth, it’s no job for a simple knife sharpener. If new teeth need to be sharpened on the knife blade, it is possible, but it requires completely different tools. If you want suggestions on which knife sharpeners can handle bread knives, you can read our best in test, but otherwise models such as Vulkanus VG2 Professional or similar.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions about bread knives

How are electric bread knives?

Electric bread knives are quite unusual in Sweden but more popular abroad. For the vast majority of people, an electric bread knife is not a necessity. However, if you work in catering or the like, an electric bread knife is perhaps a necessity. 

However, we know that electric bread knives are used for much more than just bread. Among other things, they can cut vegetables, meat, fruit, and also other things outside the kitchen such as foam mattresses.

What else can bread knives be used for besides bread?

A bread knife is good for more than just bread. The bread knife is quite functional as it has a serrated blade that can easily cut through different foods. Among other things, fishermen who clean their fish can use the bread knife to sew off the fish head or to cut up a salmon side into smaller pieces. It can also be used to divide different vegetables and more.

What characteristics does a good bread knife have?

A good bread knife should be able to easily cut through the bread without the bread being mashed, even though there is a nice hard crust. One of the most important features is, among other things, the length of the blade, which should be quite long so that the knife can cut up larger loaves of bread. The degree of hardness of the knife blade should also be of the harder type so that the edge does not need to be resharpened for a long time. Bread knives with slightly larger teeth and a proper edge also usually perform better.

Rheumatic disease – Are there custom bread knives?

Various rheumatic diseases can make it problematic to use ordinary kitchen knives including bread knives. But there are specially adapted bread knives with an ergonomic and angled handle that relieves the wrist. Unfortunately, it is not something that we have included in our test of bread knives. If you search on Google, you can either search for an ergonomic bread knife or an angled bread knife.

How do you sharpen a bread knife?

Most often, you do not need to sharpen a bread knife for several years if it is only used for bread. But of course, even serrated knives can need a little love, and sharpening these is quite easy if it only concerns the edge. If you want to sharpen the edge between your teeth, there are several good and simple knife sharpeners, such as Vulkanus VG2 Professional.

But if the bread knife’s teeth have been damaged or are worn down, it is much more difficult. Then we recommend instead sending the knife in for sharpening so that new teeth can be sharpened.

How the knives were chosen in our best test

There are plenty of independent tests for ordinary chef’s knives, but there aren’t very many tests for ordinary bread knives, on the other hand. However, we found a test from Mitt kök which also tested several different bread knives in several price ranges. This test has been a basis for how we have selected test winners, but we have also taken into account all the customer reviews that are available at stores and marketplaces.

The price of these knives varies quite a lot and even if it weighed a little on how we have thought about the winner, it has not been a decisive factor. In our opinion, Globalkniven is a clear winner if we consider customer reviews and ratings in tests. Victorinox, on the other hand, is a slightly cheaper bread knife and is, in our opinion, at least as good a bread knife. It is also the model that received the best test in Mitt Kök’s test of bread knives.

Hopefully, we will see more tests from other players in the future and then we will update this guide. Now the bread knife is of course a common product that everyone buys. There are no problems with finding customer reviews on different models. In some cases, there are over a thousand customer reviews that quickly tell how the product performs with the consumer.


My kitchen

My kitchen has tested 8 different bread knives in its little test and the models tested were both cheap, but also more expensive bread knives. Some of the knives tested were IKEA 365, Fiskars Functional Form, Global bread knife, ICA bread knife, Morakniv Classic 1891, Victorinox bread knife, Ahlens, and more.

Some of the best bread knives were Global, Morakniv, and Victorinox, which are also the models we have selected in our compilation. Best in the test was the Victorinox bread knife, and in second place came both the Global and Morakniv Classic bread knives.

The best-in-test winner from Victorinox received the top rating of 5 out of 5. It was considered the bread knife that delivered the most for its price tag. Stylish design, good wooden handle, good weight, sturdy and more.