This article classifies the soymilk machine from the heating method, and grinding technology to the cup body material. And, also compares the advantages and disadvantages of the mainstream American soymilk machines on the market to help you make a better purchase.

In my memory, when I went to school in a neighboring town every morning in junior high school, my mother got up early every morning to make soy milk for me, sometimes mixed with millet or other grains. The mellow taste also contained my mother’s deep concern for me. Every morning a bowl of soy milk is the fondest memory of that time.

Now, I leave home and wander in the United States. I get up early every morning to make soy milk for my husband and children to drink. Sharing it here, I hope it can give you some little help.

First, the classification and advantages and disadvantages of the soymilk maker

After so many years of development, the current soymilk machine is no longer as simple as making soymilk in the first place. From the heating method, and grinding technology to the material of the cup, it has gone through several generations of development. Let’s take a look at the types of soymilk makers currently on the market in the United States, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

1. Grinding method

The grinding method is directly related to the fineness of the beans after they are broken, that is, the taste. The so-called experts watch the doorway, and the laymen watch the fun. If you make soy milk with a more delicate taste, will you be praised by your friends and family immediately?

Mesh grinding

Grinding with mesh means that there is a stainless steel grain refiner with holes outside the cutter head. When the beans are ground, they are sucked into the grain refiner and ground in a small space, thereby improving the efficiency and degree of grinding, and truly realizing ultra-fine grinding. Refine nutrients such as vegetable protein, which are easier to digest and absorb.


1. Delicate taste

2. Dull knife design, easy to clean without hurting hands.


1. The price is a little expensive, starting from $150

2. It is inconvenient to clean, and easy to have dead corners. It will go moldy and deteriorate for a long time, thus affecting the hygiene of soy milk.

No mesh grinding

No mesh grinding is the grinding method used by most soymilk machines. There is no stainless steel refiner around the cutter head. The beans are directly ground and heated in the soymilk cup. The grinding effect is achieved mainly by the sharpness of the cutter head and the high number of revolutions.


1. Easy to clean

2. Lower price, soymilk maker with lower price uses meshless grinding technology.


1. The life of the cutter head is short

The two grinding methods have their advantages and disadvantages. In general: if you want a better taste, it is recommended to choose mesh grinding. Although, the price is slightly expensive and difficult to clean. If you pursue cost-effectiveness, then the soymilk machine without mesh grinding is the better choice.

2. Heating method

The heating method is related to the service life of the soymilk maker and the taste of soymilk, but the effect will not be too great. When purchasing, the heating method does not need to be too important. It can be used as a reference item.

Chassis heating

Chassis heating, also known as hidden heating, conforms to the principle of thermal convection, and the heating is more uniform. The chassis heating machine is generally a double-layer cup body. After the chassis is heated, the heat is evenly exported through the double-layer stainless steel partition. The whole cup body heats the soy milk, and the soy milk is more fragrant. Most of the soymilk makers on the market use chassis heating.


1. The taste is more fragrant

2. The price is relatively cheap.


1. The heating speed is fast, but the bottom is easy to paste.

Dimensional surround heating

This heating method is similar to chassis heating, except that the three-dimensional heating is to add a circle of heating wires on the wall of the cup, and the heating is more uniform, while chassis heating is to attach the heating plate directly to the bottom.


1. It is not easy to paste the bottom

2. It is easy to clean

3. The nutrition is released more fully.


1. slightly higher price.

Tube heating

This heating method refers to the use of an externally visible heating tube for heating. It is relatively rare on the market now. It is used in low-end soymilk machines. There are more disadvantages, so it is not recommended to buy.


1. The heating tube is easily damaged and unsafe

2. The heating is uneven

3. It is not easy to clean.

3. Cup body material

There are two main materials for the cup body: stainless steel and food-grade plastic. In terms of safety, the two are equivalent, but the plastic ones are not easy to clean. The walls of the cups are easy to stain. After the author’s investigation, there are very few plastic soymilk makers on the market, all of which are relatively low-end models with fewer functions. So we do not recommend you to buy them. There are many advantages of stainless steel, needless to say, such as easy cleaning, anti-scratch and wear-resistant, good thermal insulation effect, and so on.

4. Capacity

The capacity of a soymilk machine is generally divided into the following categories:

  • 3 people and below (0.8L-1.1L): If you live alone or as a family of two, it is recommended to choose a soymilk maker with this capacity. According to the author’s personal experience, putting about 1L of water every morning can make two bowls of soy milk, and a little more.
  • 4-5 people (1.2L-1.3L): Soymilk maker with this capacity is more suitable for a family of many, and there are more models to choose from. But one thing to remind everyone, freshly squeezed soy milk can be stored for a short period, up to two days in the refrigerator and up to half a day at room temperature. Therefore, if you are hesitant to buy a soymilk maker with a smaller capacity or a larger capacity, the author still recommends that you choose a smaller capacity.
  • More than 5 people (1.4L and above): The larger the capacity, the more it will affect the electricity consumption, cleaning, and storage space. Therefore, unless you have commercial use or special needs, you need to choose a large-capacity soymilk maker.

5. Common functions

In addition to the types of soymilk machines introduced earlier, the introduction of common functions in this part will also provide some reference for your purchase.

Make dry soybean milk

The so-called dry soybean milk is boiled the dried soybeans directly in the soybean milk machine. Many soybean milk machines provide this function. The most common way to make soy milk is to soak beans at night and cook them in the morning. But this function is usually needed when you forget to soak beans or suddenly need to drink soy milk. 

However, from a nutritional point of view, dry soybean milk is not as good as wet soybean milk, and dry soybean milk is easy to wear the blade. This function is optional and still selected according to your needs when purchasing.

6. Making rice paste, corn juice, mung bean paste, etc.

The author believes that the greatest benefit of using these functions is to supplement nutrition in an all-around way, and also add some little fun to life. I am used to eating rice and white noodles, and occasionally I have some whole grains and processed them with a soybean milk maker. It is not only delicious but also gives the fun of making delicious food. Why not do it? Therefore, the author suggests that if the budget allows, it is better to choose a soymilk machine that can make rice cereal, corn juice, mung bean paste, and other beverages.

7. Make fruit and vegetable juice

This function is similar to the previous point. The soymilk machine is very fast in making fruit and vegetable juice. Just cut it into small pieces and throw it in, pour in drinking water, and directly use the knife to smash it without heating. Fresh fruit and vegetable juice can be made in two minutes. The effect does not compare with that of the juicer. It is also an extra surprise that the soymilk machine brings to life!

8. Insulation

The author does not recommend the use of the heat preservation function of the soymilk maker. As mentioned earlier, soymilk is easy to deteriorate after half a day, so try to drink it as soon as possible. However, this heat preservation function is also useful in some cases, such as delivering meals to patients at the hospital, delivering meals to children at school, etc. When purchasing, it depends on individual needs.

9. Automatic cleaning

Generally, the higher-end models are equipped with automatic cleaning functions, such as the latest Joyoung Soymilk Maker DJ12U-A903SG in the United States 2022, which is called “Easy Washing”. As the name suggests after the soy milk is poured out, add water to the soy milk maker, and it will automatically clean. The author has tried this function, and it usually only takes 3 minutes to clean it. If the rice paste is cooked, it must be washed by hand. I think this feature is purely for lazy people.

In addition, some soymilk machines can make milk tea, jam, bean curd, thick soup, etc. These novel functions can meet more diverse needs, but they will also increase the price of soymilk machines. When purchasing, you need to consider rationally and purchase carefully according to your actual needs.

The above is the first part of the whole strategy for purchasing a soymilk machine, which introduces the classification and common functions of a soymilk machine. In the next article, the soymilk machine purchase strategy The author will focus on introducing several very good soymilk machine models, which are convenient for you to purchase directly, eliminating the need for selection steps. There will also be precautions and usage tips when purchasing. Stay tuned!


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