The Home Advise is an E-commerce product information platform and the best  American lifestyle service and shopping guide platform. The home advise, Founded in 2021, is an American life blog site.

Our main purpose is to help you better work and live in the United States. Therefore, our website content focuses on American shopping, Kitchen Utensils, and Homes & Gardens.

We have worked in the United States last few years and have a deep understanding of many aspects of the United States. It is an information service website that provides Americans with the latest ranking information on various products each year. which is helpful for Americans to choose and purchase products more conveniently.

The background of The Home Advise establishment is to allow Americans to live a better life: adapt to and integrate into the foreign lifestyle, improve the quality of life, find more fun, reduce the confusion in life, solve the problems in life, and make friends with common interests.

We hope this platform can provide Americans, especially North Americans, with some practical and reliable information.

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